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   Chapter 315 Not Equal In Social Status

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After the call, Aaron looked up at Quincy immediately.

"He has gone to see Zack."

This answer was beyond the expectation of the two brothers. Not only did Nelson dare to come back, he also dared to take the initiative to look for Zack, but Zack did not respond at all!

Quincy frowned and looked at Aaron.

Quincy was a resourceful person, but Aaron had the most ideas. He might have a way to deal with this kind of thing.

Looking at Quincy, Aaron said in a low and anxious voice, "Now, Wanda and Tristin are in charge of the construction of the resort. Brother, we both know what kind of person Wanda is. At that time, she was just a girl who came out to work and dared to bring goods for you. She even dared to stay with you when you were in the most dangerous time. Do you really think that she will suddenly change and marry her enemy's son?"

"She won't!" This answer had always been known to Quincy. What he couldn't accept was that Wanda could sacrifice anything for revenge.

"Do you think it is possible that she has already guessed that there is something strange about it, so she tried her best to marry Zack? If she really finds out something, isn't she in danger?"

"It has nothing to do with me." After that, Quincy turned around and left.

Adam found that Nora was sitting in the office in a daze with a serious look. All the colleagues of the company had left from work. He knocked on the door. When Nora came to herself, he turned to look at him and asked, "Eh, why are you here?"

"I..." Adam was not used to lying. When he didn't know how to answer, a figure suddenly rushed to him and leaned directly in his arms, which startled him.

"Adam, are you here to pick me up from work?"

Adam took her hand out of his arm secretly and glanced at Nora timidly, while Nora began to pack up calmly.

Stella complained, "Why didn't you call me first? I haven't had time to change

ion was at that time. Adam was not a person who would take advantage of others. The only possibility was that she turned into a female devil and forcibly possessed him.

Every time she thought of this, she couldn't help blushing.

He had meant to help her, but he needn't help her so thoroughly. He even wanted to establish a relationship with her to be responsible for her. Wasn't it too sorry for him?

She opened the window and felt a little sober when the wind blew in.

Nora couldn't help but smile. 'Don't think too much. Adam is a friend of Wanda.' And she at most admired Adam, or had a little good impression of him, but it should not be based on a responsible foundation.

What's more, she was not a person who didn't know what was called being equal in social rank. She was born in the All Safe Community, and her parents were retired workers. The total pension they took was less than four thousand.

She had never disliked her origin. Her parents' respect for her, and the harmonious and warm family made her very satisfied. Moreover, she and Adam came from two different worlds. Although she often went to high-end places, she worked for others. She used to work for Vivian, and now she worked for the Ouyang Group. They had a good relationship now.

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