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   Chapter 314 Don't Pretend Anymore

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"What? You are going abroad to treat Vera?" Aaron was so frightened that his face changed. He looked at Quincy in disbelief, asking, "What do you want to do? Be a deserter? Is it because Wanda is in the South Sea City that you are going abroad to treat Vera? What can you do even if you cure her? She will accuse him of kidnapping and drugging her, and Zack won't let him go. Is this the result you want?"

"At this time, the company needs you more. Zack's reputation was getting more and more famous, and he finally took the position he wanted to take. Although it was the Murong Group who did it this time, everyone knew that Tristin was his son. Who doesn't know that Tristin is just his pup

the time being."

"But there is no reason for him to take such a big risk to come back, and just after the news of the construction of the resort spread out. Brother, I think it's getting more and more complicated. Don't go abroad at this time."

Even if Aaron didn't say anything, Quincy couldn't leave at this time. Nelson risked his life to return to South Sea City, and if there was no response from J City, it would be really strange.

After thinking for a while, Quincy took out his phone. Aaron immediately understood what he meant. He stretched out his hand to stop him, and then withdrew his hand. He put his hands into his trousers pockets and walked to the side to sit down.

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