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   Chapter 311 Alliance

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As soon as Aaron entered the bar with his new female companion, he saw Quincy drinking at the bar counter.

After he whispered a few words to his female companion, the female companion went to find her seat, and Aaron walked towards Quincy.

Two beautiful women walked to the side of Quincy and seemed to be accosting him. Quincy turned around and gave them a cold glance. "Get out of here."

The two beauties left in a hurry.

Aaron walked to him with a smile and ordered a glass of wine. He tutted and said, "The two beauties have good figures and are very sexy. Why don't you even look at them? Did your leg get infected and hurt the most important part of your body?"

"If you don't want to die, get out of here right now."

"Don't worry. I'm very busy. There is a girl waiting for me over there. But brother, you used to be a tiger, but now you have become a cat without claws. You always wanted to fight against Zack, and I thought you didn't want our Qin family to be strangled by him again. Well, then you wanted to avenge for Wanda. It didn't matter if you had the same goal, but why did you lose all your passion because of Wanda? If you don't continue to find a way to deal with Zack and don't go back to take care of the company, do you really want to turn the company into the mourning object of Zack?"

Aaron knew clearly that it was not appropriate to say these words to him now. Quincy was in a bad mood, but if he continued to be like this, the company would really be over.

He heard that Tristin and Wanda had come back to the South Sea City. They were preparing for the officially construction of resort, and at the same time, they were constantly trying to draw in famous people in the South Sea City, of course, including their Qin Group.

On behalf of the Murong Group, Tristin donated five million dollars to the local orphanage and was about to hold a large-scale concert, which invited many popular stars. All the money received from the concert was given to the original residents of the All Safe Community, and the rest was donated to charity, the charitable foundation run by Ray.

Since they had made such a


"In fact, I'm not sure, but since you are the president of the chamber of Commerce in the South Sea City, I think you will consider the economy of the South Sea City." Adam gave a meaningful smile to Quincy.

Looking at the atmosphere, Wanda said happily, "There must be something unexpected tonight."

Tristin was also affected by her and smiled happily.

Vivian came over and reached out her hand to Wanda, who quickly stood up and shook hands with her.

Tristin tensed up at once. Looking at him, Wanda smiled and reached out to hold his arm.

Vivian smiled and said, "I didn't expect you to get married. Although it surprised me, I sincerely wish you happiness."

"We... Actually..." Feeling that Wanda pinched the inner side of his arm, Tristin took a deep breath in pain and said with a stiff smile, "Thank you, Miss Yu."

Wanda smiled and said, "I should be the one who is surprised. I didn't expect you to come. I asked your assistant and she told me that you had been working abroad these days. I didn't expect you to come back in a hurry."

"I won't refuse your request."

At this time, Quincy came over and shook hands with Tristin. "I have something to deal with in my company. The performance tonight is very successful. Congratulations... to you."

After saying that, Quincy turned around and left. Although it was only a moment, Vivian clearly saw a trace of bitterness in Wanda's eyes.

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