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   Chapter 309 As Useless As Chicken Ribs

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Wanda knew that Quincy hated her. Since they knew each other, she had done a lot of things, including acting an affair with Adam without his consent. There were still many things but he had never been angry with her. It seemed that no matter what happened, he only believed in his judgment, his judgment on Wanda.

He cared about her and trusted her.

But this time, he was completely irritated.

In order to gain Zack's trust, she told him the name of Nelson. He persuaded her to leave again and again, but now, it was she who personally agreed to marry Tristin.

Quincy's helplessness turned into anger. Maybe it was because he was angry that he couldn't get her complete trust, or because she had once again drawn a clear line between them.

All of a sudden, it dawned on Quincy that the relationship between him and Wanda had always been more like his wishful thinking.

From the very beginning, Wanda had been trying every means to sever the relationship with him, and it was him who thought she had her own difficulties, or she was telling a lie.

Was he wrong in the end?

Wanda didn't wake up until dawn. Quincy was no longer here. She could tell that he had already left from the coldness beside her. She sighed softly and tears fell down from her eyes.

Since she had decided to take this path, she couldn't regret it.

After Wanda washed her face and rinsed her mouth, she almost calmed down. Looking at the red mark on her neck in the mirror, she changed into a thin sweater with a high collar, and then called Ray.

"Uncle Ray."

"Wanda? You finally called me. Do you know how I am worried about you?"

His anxious tone warmed Wanda's heart. "Uncle Ray, I'm fine. I have something important to tell you."

After Wanda told Ray what happened to her on the phone, Ray said in a hoarse voice, "Good, very good. You are really your father's child."

Among so many people, only Ray said this to her. She had been doubted for countless times and persuaded by many people, but she did

n why Wanda asked him to see Ray. All of a sudden, he became restrained in front of Ray, and that potential inferiority complex suddenly appeared. He cleared his throat and said softly, "The acquirer is my father. Although I'm in charge of the Murong Group, I'm basically obedient to my dad. But I really didn't know that it would make such a big deal."

Wanda had known that it was Jake who arranged the purchase last time.

Of course, he was directly under the command of Zack. She just didn't expect that Tristin would dare to tell the truth in front of Ray.

Ray frowned and said, "In fact, with the financial resources of your Murong Group, you don't have to make such a big move to purchase a community. You could just pay more compensation, so that these residents could have a foothold in the future, and they would never fight with their lives. Now someone died, and some of them have been seriously injured in the last incident. They can't work anymore. You haven't compensated them. Now they all relied on the help of the relevant departments, which naturally caused a commotion among the people. The reason why the relevant departments don't dare to give you approval is because of the pressure of the masses."

Tristin turned to look at Wanda, who was drinking coffee with her head down, and deliberately ignored his hint.

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