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   Chapter 308 He Got Angry

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Putting down the teacup, Wanda looked up at Mrs. Murong and said, "As Mr. Tristin said, no one dares to disobey Mr. Murong. I believe that Mrs. Murong, you won't break your son's happiness for a lifetime just to please Mr. Murong. After careful consideration, I finally came up with a solution that might sound a little unpleasant."

"Really? Tell me."

Wanda said with a smile. "Fake marriage. I believe you have a wide range of contacts with many powerful people. It's not difficult to get a fake marriage certificate."

"Fake marriage? If he knows it, the consequences will be unimaginable." She couldn't take the risk. As long as Zack knew it, Tristin would have no position in the family in the future. Now she was almost ridden on the neck by the other two women. Outside, people used to call them second madam and third madam. Now as long as they went out alone, people would call them Mrs. Murong.

This was the reality in this society. Although she was the first wife of Zack, no one knew how difficult it was for her to be cautious and pretend to be elegant in this family.

But all this was for her son.

"Mr. Murong just wants to make Quincy give up on me, or let Quincy see through what kind of woman I am. Since we can't refuse him, we'd better cater to him. I can make a private agreement with you that I can help Mr. Tristin get the inheritance right..."

Speaking of this, Wanda smiled, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ask about your family, but Mr. Tristin inadvertently mentioned it to me last time. Mr. Murong attached great importance to the matter about the All Safe Community. Moreover, someone died at that time, which caused a big uproar and shocked the whole South Sea City. Therefore, this was the main reason why the project could not be carried out yet. Mr. Murong had always been a proud man. Of course, he didn't want to lose face in this small matter, so he handed over this difficult but have-to-be successful thing to his three sons. I don't know whether I can help Mr. Tristin or not, but how can you know the final result if you don't fight?"

Mrs. Murong frowned, "What good will it do to you?"

"But it's not a bad thing. At least

without turning on the light, the last sentence Zack said to Wanda yesterday kept ringing in her ears.

It was because this competitor blocked his way, so he could quietly control everything, making this person and this news disappear silently.

Wanda wiped her tears. No one knew how scared she was now. However, since she had made up her mind, she couldn't turn back.

At this time, the doorbell rang. When Wanda opened the door, she saw that Quincy rushed in from the outside and held her in his arms, walking towards the bed. Unable to struggle, Wanda had to ask coldly, "What the hell do you want to do?"

Quincy did not say a word. Wanda smelled a strong smell of alcohol from him. He seemed to be crazy, tore off her clothes and forcibly possessed her.

Wanda gave out a muffled hum, Quincy sneered and asked, "You must have been longing for it for a long time, right? You can't wait to find a stronger backer, right?"

He kissed her violently, making her feel flustered to soft. Wanda silently shed tears and indulged herself in enjoying this moment. She didn't want to explain or feel wronged, as if she wanted to silently imprint this night on their hearts forever.

She held his waist tightly, feeling his temperature and listening to his familiar heartbeat.

However, with a look of disgust on his face, Quincy reached out and pressed her hands over her head. Waves of violence, as if trying to swallow her up, came at her.

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