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   Chapter 307 She Could Be The Bad Person

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Lowering his head, Quincy kept silent for a while. "I really don't understand what benefit my father can get by kidnapping Vera. However, if it is true after I find out, it will be all up to you, father-in-law."

"Do you mean to punish you or your father?"

Looking up at him, Quincy said in a low voice, "Of course it's me. It's my fault that I didn't protect Vera well. No matter who is the chief plotter this time, I'm the one to blame."

"Then you can send Vera abroad for treatment. For the time being, I'll leave your work to Jake to follow up."

Clenching his teeth, Quincy could even hear the sound of his teeth clashing. 'Wanda, is this what you want to achieve?' After a long time, Quincy said in a low voice, "Father, in fact, I've already thought about it. Why don't we send Vera to the South Sea City? We have the most professional doctor in our hospital, and it's convenient for me to take care of her."

"She is your wife now. You have the final say, but listen to me carefully. If anything happens to Vera, I will find out the manipulator behind it and bury him or her with her."

Wanda went back to the South Sea City a step faster than Quincy and contacted Yara secretly. The meeting place was at her home.

Wanda told Yara what had happened in J City these days.

After hearing this, Yara looked at Wanda quietly for a while. "Anyway, you shouldn't mention my brother's name to Zack."

With a bitter smile, Wanda said, "Zack has always had an answer in his heart. He is waiting for someone to take the initiative to expose this lie. I'm willing to be this bad person. Even if Quincy hates me, I'm willing to do it."

Yara frowned with concern, saying, "What on earth do you want to do?"

She knew too well about Wanda. She would never think of herself no matter what she did. In her heart, Quincy was too important.

"Master, I've heard a lot of people say that Zack's power is so great that I can't imagine it. When I knew Quincy, I also found th

Group and get rid of the control of Nelson. We must help other companies and stop being attacked."

When Yara was about to speak, Wanda continued, "Only when he becomes independent and powerful can he fight against the Murong Group. At that time, we will cooperate inside and outside, which is the best way."

"Then why don't you discuss with Quinn about it? Why did you tell me?" Yara's eyes turned red. If something happened to Wanda, she would become a sinner, and she really didn't have the heart to let Wanda take the risk.

"Quincy... He won't agree. I don't want him to be found out by Zack for being softhearted. At that time, those innocent people will really sacrifice their lives for nothing."

With Wanda's persuasion and realistic helplessness, Yara agreed with tears in her eyes.

After saying thanks again and again, Wanda left the South Sea City and returned to J City as soon as possible.

At three o'clock in the afternoon, she and Mrs. Murong had tea together. Mrs. Murong looked at her awkwardly, "Miss Lin, I'm really sorry. I appreciate you very much, but now this appreciation makes my husband misunderstand."

As if nothing had happened, Wanda held the tea cup and took a sip. Her long eyelashes cast a perfect arc on her face when she lowered her head, which also concealed her panic.

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