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   Chapter 154 Feeling Uncomfortable

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When Quincy went downstairs, the servant came over quickly and said, "master, breakfast is ready."


He glanced at the untouched bowl and chopsticks on the table and asked indifferently, "where is Mrs. Qin?"

The servant was stunned, "isn't Mrs. Qin upstairs?"

Hearing that, the look in the eyes of Quincy changed slightly. He walked to the table and sat down. Then he took out his phone and made a call, "Urien, is everything okay with Ryan?"

"Not bad. The new drugs have been used, and there is no reaction for the time being."

After a moment's silence, Quincy asked, "How about Wanda? Is she there?"

"Yes. The doctor and nurse told me that she came before but I didn't see her. Please tell Wanda that her uncle's condition is getting stable. That's a good thing. Besides, Mr. Qin, I have to go back now. I have a lot of things to deal with there. I will come back after I finish my work there. Pierre came here for your sake. He often told me that you neglected him. You'd better come to see him when you have time."

"Then don't waste your time. Let's have lunch today. I'll treat you to a meal. I'll come to the hospital later."

Hearing that, Urien burst into laughter. "I thought I had hinted you so obviously, but you didn't know. I also know that you've just got married and it's inevitable for you to ignore us. But you know, Pierre is strange and your wife respects him very much. You know what I mean."

Pierre looked around and asked, "Qin, where is your lovely wife?"

"She's busy. She can't come today."

Disappointment was written all over Pierre's face.

Urien couldn't help laughing. He patted Pierre on the shoulder and said, "you dare to do this only because Wanda is Mrs. Qin. If it were someone else, people would have misunderstood you."

"Don't get me wrong. I really like her. It was rare for a girl to be as sincere as her. When I first heard her say that she was willing to be performed experiment on her for her uncle, I liked her ve


"Pierre..." After that, they turned their heads to look at Pierre, who had been silent all the time. Only then did they find that a bottle of wine had been bottomed up. Pierre looked at him with his eyelids drooping. He even hiccupped loudly. "..." Quincy looked at him speechlessly.

It was rare for Urien to see the current situation of Quincy. He raised his glass and said, "I know what you are worried about. As for the inherited disease of the Li family, the doctor andPierre have told me that their condition is likely to be different from one generation to another. There may be only one person in a generation, and the probability of men is much higher. All Wanda cared about now was how to cure her uncle, and she had never worried about herself. She said that it was better to think about how happy she would be in the next few decades than to spend time worrying about herself. She considered her time was stolen from God."

Shaking the red wine in his glass, Quincy clinked it with Urien and drank it in one gulp. It turned out that so many things had happened to her, and he didn't know all of them.

She had nothing to do with him, but Quincy didn't know why he felt particularly irritable when he heard these.

"You don't know who she is. A worthless king is also a strong man." Quincy said lightly.

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