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   Chapter 134 Dust Laden

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The door of Yara's room was not closed. When Wanda walked to the door of her room, she had sweat on her forehead. Her feet were so painful that she felt as if her shoes were thick and numb.

She reached out and knocked on the door, but didn't get any response from Yara. Then, she walked in carefully and saw that Yara was holding a frame tightly in her hand, silently crying.

She closed the door and walked to Yara. Looking at the messy room, she asked softly, "Master, are you okay?"

Yara turned around and wiped her tears, "I'm fine."

After a while, Yara released the frame in her hand, Wanda squatted next to her. In the photo, Yara looked like in her twenties, smiling innocently and lovely. Wanda had never seen her master smile before. It turned out that she was so beautiful when she smiled.

The man standing next to her was tall, sunny and handsome.

He turned his head to look at her quietly and smiled gently, as if looking at his whole world.

If this man really stayed with his Master for money, it could only be said that his acting skills were too good. Because even when Wanda saw this photo, she only saw romance and affection.

Let alone Yara, who was standing next to him at that time.

"Master..." Wanda called her softly, but she didn't know what to say.

"He's sick, at the end of his cancer. I heard the news from my friend." Tears fell down again. Looking at the photo in her hand through her tears, Yara took the initiative to talk about it. "In the past three years, I deliberately didn't inquire about him, and I haven't walked out of that circle. Although my brother told me that he gave him a sum of money and asked him to leave me. And he gave up our relationship for money. But I just don't believe it. I know what kind of person he is, I have been with him for two years. Why haven't I been to look for him? Because I don't want to hurt my brother. "

"You didn't want to hurt Mr. Nelson, so it was you who gave up your relationship, right?" At first, Wanda didn't have the heart

ute since he saw her sleeping at night. He was afraid that a cup of coffee would make her unable to sleep at night.

"Don't you want to help your master? My aunt helped you a lot when you first came here. "

"I know. I didn't say I wouldn't help, but..."

"That's settled then."

Wanda reached out to grab Quincy's hand. "It's not a deal. Who said that we made a deal? If your father knows this, he will skin me alive. You know, the biggest regret in his life is that he can't take my life. "

"Don't worry. I will save your life!" Quincy handed the coffee sending in by the secretary to Wanda and said, "Have a taste of the coffee here. It's good. If you want to drink it in the future, just let her make it for you."

"Hey, are you always like this? In fact, I didn't promise you anything. "

"Anyway, you can't refuse. Why bother?" Looking at her with a smile, Quincy said, "I'll treat you a big lunch. You can choose a place by yourself."

Wanda squinted her eyes and looked at Quincy, "Do you know that those prisoners would have a good meal before they were executed? You make me feel the same way now. Quincy, please remember, I'm helping my master, not you. If my secret is exposed, I will tell your father that you forced me to do so. "

Wanda stood up, looked down at him and smiled, "I have no appetite to eat with you. Bye."

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