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   Chapter 133 A Sleepless Night

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"I can walk by myself!"

When they arrived at the door, Wanda jumped off the body of Quincy and went into the floor. Suddenly, her body was hung again and she was thrown directly to the bed by Quincy.

"Since you are a patient, I will let you sleep in the bed." With an uneasy look on his face, Quincy turned around and walked towards the floor.

"Quincy, you made me a little scared. " Wanda pursed her lips tightly. There must be a plot. She could see the disgust of Quincy. "I have promised you to work in your company. What else do you want?"

But Quincy didn't answer her. He lay on the floor and didn't close his eyes. He just looked at the ceiling quietly. Nobody knew what he was thinking.

With a slight sigh, Wanda began to look for a place to tie her feet.

After casting a glance at her, Quincy got up, walked to the bed and lay down.

Wanda was stunned for a while, "you You... "

"Don't worry. I'm not interested in you. I just don't used to sleeping on the floor."

"I'm used to it!"

Quincy blocked her way off the bed. She was still in bed and had to exercise with her hands on the other foot. She could only sit on the bed and look at the closed eyes of Quincy.

The second day when Wanda woke up, Quincy had already left. She looked at her clothes and breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, she couldn't help but curl her lips. Was she really so safe? How could it be possible for a man to sleep with her in the same bed without anything happened?

She slapped herself hard in the face and said, "Wanda, you're dying. Do you know what you're thinking now?"

Quincy was rubbing his eyebrows. The driver looked at him and said with concern, "Mr. Qin, you don't look well today. Are you sick? Do you need me to take you to the hospital first? "

"No, I just didn't sleep well last night." He took out the document, but he couldn't read a word.

It seemed that the woman had a clear estimation of herself. She knew that she would become overactive when she was sleeping, and she

, and the servants stood far away from her, not daring to approach her.

Nelson stood up, pointed at Yara's nose and said, "as long as I'm alive, you can't be in charge Go upstairs right now! "

Wiping her tears, Yara asked, "what if I insist on leaving today?"

"Then you must never come back!" Nelson stared at Yara coldly, "you're thirty years old. Why are you still as ignorant as those young girls? What was love? Do you think something between a man and a woman without anything to support can be called love? "

"He is dying! He was dying! Why don't you let me see him even at this time? Will you be happy if you force me to death? "

In Wanda's heart, Yara had always been an intellectual, elegant, and even a little mysterious woman. It was the first time that Wanda had seen Yara so hysterical.

"I force you to death? If you are not my sister, I don't care about your life or death? When he left three years ago, do you think he let you go because he loved you? Bullshit! He left you because I gave him three million. Yara, why don't you wake up now? His death is his retribution! "

"You help Aunt Yara upstairs first," said Quincy to Wanda.

Wanda nodded slightly and limped to Yara. "Master..."

Yara turned around and ran upstairs, crying.

Turning her head to take a look at Quincy, Wanda hurried to follow Yara.

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