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   Chapter 131 Leave A Way Out

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"From the point of view of a friend, I have told you my secret, but don't forget that you are still Vivian's agent, and things are more sensitive. Let's end this topic here. If the news gets out, I'll be dead for sure. I'll pay ten times the compensation to Quincy. I can't afford it even if I sell myself out. You don't want to see me die without a burial place, do you? "

Nora sighed helplessly, "then how are you now?"

Wanda stood by the window and looked out. The winter wind blew her face like a knife. She said in a muffled voice, "before you came here, he told me to go to work. He didn't want me to stay outside and cause him trouble. As you know, the stock price of his company is now fluctuating. It was a little stable after the news of my marriage with him was spread out. But... "

Wanda didn't want to say anything more. She just looked at the people and cars coming and going outside.

Looking at her back from behind, Nora felt that Wanda was very lonely. Nora was shocked and patted Wanda. "Wanda, tell me the truth. Do you fall in love with Quincy?"

"Are you kidding me?" Wanda turned around and stared at Nora. "Let me tell you, even if all the men in the world die, I will be a nun and will never marry Quincy."

"Wow, so sure?"

"Yes, I can be more ruthless! Forget it. You won't understand even if I tell you. The two of us don't get along well with each other In a word, everything was not going well. Fortunately, I was smart at that time. I only signed a contract with him for one year and I will be released soon. I calculated the date yesterday. There are still three hundred and fifty days left before I am released. "

Nora couldn't help laughing. "Congratulations! You've been through half a month. Well, I'd better take you to the hospital first. Now that I'm good to you, you will really know who is the best person for you in the future. How warm I am here. "

Nora started the car and continued to drive forward. Wanda looked at her with dissatisfaction, "I haven't promised him to work in his company yet."

"No, you have to agree."

"Ah..." A s

an you, especially those with masks. It's always a good thing to leave a way out for themselves."

All of a sudden, Wanda felt a little heavy in her heart. Although the past was bitter, it was very simple. Now Even Noni had changed, no, everyone around her had changed, except her.

When they got home, Aaron hurried to help her in as soon as he saw her limping back. "Didn't you go to discuss with the doctor about your uncle today? Why did you come back like this? "

"I'm fine. I fell down by accident."

Aaron didn't ask more. He just looked at her hands and feet wrapped in gauze and asked, "have you eaten yet?"

Wanda shook her head gently, "I'm very tired. I want to go upstairs and have a rest."

Aaron helped her upstairs and said, "you had a fever a few days ago, and then got burnt by coffee. Today, you fell down again. Don't forget that your uncle is still lying in the hospital. You are his only family. Even for him, you should take good care of yourself."

With her right hand against the wall, Wanda tried her best to put the support on her side.

Standing at the door, Wanda looked up at Aaron and said softly, "Mr. Aaron, in fact, I want to beg you for one thing. I know it will make you difficult, but..."

Aaron opened the door and turned on the light for her. Everything was natural. After that, he looked at her and smiled, "you want me to move out, right?"

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