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   Chapter 127 Such A Big Risk

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Wanda and Pierre chatted for a long time. When they came back, Quincy reached out his hand to Wanda and said, "It's about time. Let's go."

Wanda walked over and put her hand in his palm, feeling warm.

"No way!" Pierre looked at their hands in surprise. "You You I see. No wonder a flower was inserted in... " Pierre couldn't remember the saying exactly, so he just said casually, "Shit."

Looking at the change of expression on Quincy's face, Urien smiled and said, "Pierre, be careful, or I'm afraid that you will be inserted in shit by Mr. Qin later."

Wanda couldn't help laughing.

When they arrived at the gate of the hospital, a group of reporters immediately surrounded them. The lightning light made Wanda temporarily blind. "Mr. Qin, there are some rumors outside that you married Miss Wanda in order to keep the company's stock price stable. Now you come to the hospital to visit Miss Wanda's uncle in such a high-profile way. Do you mean to act it?"

Hearing that, Cassandra pursed her lips and smiled. She turned around and looked at him. Her thin lips were like the lines carved by a knife, and her straight nose was straight. God must be very partial to her, so she could carve such a perfect face with skillful workmanship. His every move, even a small one like putting his hand on her waist could make everyone gasp for breath.

"Miss Wanda, someone said that the reason why you worked in No.3 Mansion is to help your uncle pay off his debt. Now that you married Mr. Qin, your uncle is in hospital again and needs a huge amount of surgery fees. The two times you are together seems to be related to money. Did you sell your family for two times? "

Wanda didn't know how to lie on the spot. The reporter's questions caught her by surprise. She felt that she had been 'riddled' in front of so many women.

"You seem to have forgotten three things, and I will only say this for the last time. First, in fact, I and the daughter of Bai Group, Dina, were almost married, and this matter was also publicized by your media at that

incy sensed a strange feeling coming up from abdomen. He quickly gave the ointment to Wanda and said, "This burn ointment is good. Remember to apply it again tonight."

"Okay!" How could Wanda know why he suddenly changed his mood? Anyway, he had always been moody, and she had begun to learn to get used to it.

When they arrived at the gate of the company, Wanda looked at the company with her lips tightly pursed. Just now, the driver was there, so she didn't have the chance to talk. Now only the two of them were here. She had to spit out the unhappiness in her heart.

"In fact, Quincy, the deal between us will come to an end soon. There is no need to make it public. Do you want me to never come back to the South Sea City again? "

"What do you mean?" Looking at Wanda with a smile.

"What do you mean? What do you think I am talking about? After our deal is over, I may still stay in the South Sea City. You said that we just have to lie to the media and your father. Why did you take such a big risk to bring me here? There are people I know in it. Should I explain to them later? I haven't get used to the identity of Mrs. Qin yet, but I have to give it up right away? Although I'm poor, I have dignity. " Wanda looked at Quincy seriously.

In fact, she didn't tell the real reason. It was really difficult for her to lie to the people she knew.

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