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   Chapter 122 A Strange Doctor

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In the South Sea City hospital.

She didn't expect to see Urien again. She looked at him in surprise and asked, "Why are you here?"

"Mr. Qin called me several times a day and asked me to send Dr. Pierre here. I've done my best, but he blamed me a lot." There was no displeasure on Urien's face when he said this. Instead, he said happily, "In fact, after I saw you last time, I thought you and Mr. Qin would be a couple sooner or later. I just met your tutor a few days ago. She is still obsessed with you and says that you are the most talented student she has ever seen. "

Wanda lowered her head gently. Then she thought of Aaron who was standing behind her and quickly introduced him to the two of them. When Urien heard that Aaron was Quincy's brother, he couldn't help but show a surprised expression on his face.

Noticing his gaffe, Urien was about to explain while Aaron just smiled and said, "It doesn't matter. Not many people in the South Sea City know that I'm his brother. I'm not an important person anyway. Wanda, have a good talk. I'm going to see your uncle. "

There was a mockery in Aaron's smile. Urien had made it clear to him. He knew Wanda before, when she hadn't married Quincy. At that time, she was just a female companion in No.3 Mansion, and Urien knew her already. But he had never heard of him, Quincy's younger brother.

This kind of loss was not supposed to happen, because it was normal, wasn't it?

"Mr. Urien, may I meet Dr. Pierre?"

Urien had to hide his embarrassment with a smile. "In fact, this doctor has a strange temper. Although he has a good relationship with me and is willing to come here to treat your uncle, it seems that it is difficult for anyone else to communicate with him except me. So, you should be prepared."

"Anyway, I should thank you and him for coming so far to treat my uncle. What's more, as others have said, capable people all have a temper. "

"So, in your

da was in a dilemma because her English was not good enough to communicate with Pierre freely.

Pierre was stunned for a moment. "That's impossible. Quincy come to beg me for help for you? Do you have a good relationship? "

"Of course not...not bad. In fact, it's because the doctors here in the South Sea City only disappoint me. Quincy strongly recommend you to me, Quincy said that your medical skills are the best he has ever seen. "

"But there is an old saying in the South Sea City, that life and death are decreed by fate? Although I am a doctor, I may not be able to cure your uncle's illness. I heard that he can't even use any normal medicine now. I'll do it for the Quincy's sake, but it doesn't mean that I really have a way to cure him. Miss Wanda, don't be too optimistic. "

Wanda didn't understand what he meant. She smiled helplessly and ran out to call Urien in. Before that, she looked at him seriously and said, "Mr. Urien, I hope you can perform your professional ethics as a lawyer from now on. I didn't want you to know these things, but I really have difficulty in English. "

"Don't worry about that. I always pay attention to other people's privacy. Besides, even if you and Mr. Qin are married now, you still need to have your own secrets. I understand. "

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