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   Chapter 117 Black Out

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"I advise you to behave yourself, or you will suffer a lot."

Quincy pushed Wanda with little strength, but her feeble feet tripped over each other and she fell down on the carpet.

With a cold snort, Quincy took off his coat which was contaminated by Wanda and threw it into the trash can. "I don't care what you want to do in your heart. You can't make a mistake in this year. Do you think I want to be against you all day long? A heartless woman like you, I choose you because you can be bought off with money, and I've got something on you. I won't have any worries! Don't think you are different in my heart! "

"Whoosh Whoosh... "

"……" Turning his head coldly and looking at Wanda who was sleeping like a pig, Quincy snorted with anger and turned into the bathroom.

In the middle of the night, Quincy was awakened by the sound of Wanda's cough. He was so angry that he picked up a pillow and threw it to her. It took him a long time to fall asleep last night. But he didn't expect that she coughed more and more violently. He turned on the light, took a quilt and threw it at her.

Noticing that her face was abnormally red, Quincy was stunned for a moment. Then he walked over and gently kicked her with his foot. "Don't pretend to be dead."

Without even raising her eyes, Wanda kept coughing.

After hesitating for a while, he reached out his hand to touch her forehead. Taking a deep breath, he wrapped her with the quilt.

All of a sudden, Wanda opened her eyes and saw that Quincy was rushing towards her. She subconsciously stretched out her leg and kicked him. She swore that she had used all her strength in this kick, just like a bolt of lightning, chopping straight at Quincy. "You are really..." Quincy bent down, his legs trembling, and roared in pain and embarrassment.

Wanda looked down at the quilt and sat up, "Why do I sleep on the ground? Ahem My head hurts... "

"Quincy, what are you doing there?"

"Damn it!" Quincy scolded in a low voice.

Wanda walked towards Quincy in a hurry. "I had

hem... " Wanda turned around and coughed.

Quincy curled up in pain. "Go to see a doctor now. Don't infect me again."

"Okay, okay." Wanda breathed a sigh of relief. She took two steps towards the door and turned to look at Quincy. "I forgot to ask you why Aaron lives at our home."

"It seems that you have really forgotten what happened last night. Wanda, I warn you again to stay away from Dina."


"No reason." "Don't forget your duty in this year. Now I have washed my hands and won't get involved in the underworld. As for the Qin Group, it took me a year to establish and be listed. You'd better not cause me any trouble at this time."

Looking at him, Wanda was a little disappointed. She turned around and walked out. In fact, there was another unspoken meaning in Quincy's words. Because of the matter between him and Joey, the stock price of the company was affected, so he married her. That was because people in the South Sea City hadn't forgotten that a year ago, he, Quincy, had declared in front of everyone that Wanda was his woman.

If he married her at this time, it could indeed shatter a lot of rumors. At the same time, as his wife, she must be careful and not bring any trouble to his company.

Now that Wanda had figured it out, she shouldn't expect too much. All she wanted now was to cure her uncle's disease.

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