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   Chapter 115 Who Can Protect You

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After the two of them got into the car, Dina asked, "Tell me, you suddenly ran away a year ago. I didn't figure it out at that time. Don't you think I am an important friend of yours? But then I realized that Quincy is half dead and Uncle Nelson must have said something to you and scared you away. But why didn't you tell me that you came back a year later? "

It was the first time that she had been ignored like this, and more than once!

"In fact, I haven't been back for a few days. Because of my uncle's illness, I'm too busy to come to you."

"Why did you suddenly marry Quincy? He just had an affair with that star, which caused a sensation in the city."

Wanda's eyes turned red. "Can we talk about it later, Dee?"

Dina's mouth twitched, "Is your uncle seriously ill?"

After Wanda told her what had happened to Ryan, Dina knocked on the steering wheel impatiently and said, "According to what you said, shouldn't you think about yourself first? If there is really a hereditary disease in your family, and your uncle doesn't want to make it clear to you, he is obviously cheating you, isn't he? "

Dina had never had a good impression of Ryan. He was a man who could sell his niece. Only Wanda was willing to be with him at this time.

"No, I have to find the best doctor to examine you. Don't be so frustrated. I won't let anything happen to you." Dina turned around and looked out of the window. She looked very irritable and uneasy. "In fact, have you ever thought about whether it is too impulsive to marry Quincy?"

"Why do you say that?"

"I used to take him as my brother, but later I found that my understanding of him is just a corner of his nature. As you know, I'm a simple person and I'm not good at contacting people who is sophisticated. He... "

At this time, Dina's mobile phone rang. She took out her mobile phone and looked at it. She directly stepped on the accelerator and rushed out.

Wanda quickly fastened her seat belt and looked at Dina nervously. "I know you are in a bad mood now, so I'll take you t

ok a bottle of beer in front of Dina and took a big gulp. Dina just glanced at her without saying anything. Dina remembered that Wanda wouldn't drink before, but she didn't stop her because she was in a bad mood and needed someone to drink with her.

"Do you know why I am so angry? It's him. He said he was going to participate in the outstanding representative of the South Sea City and compete for the chairman. I don't know how many things I have done in the dark for him. But he was having fun outside and had been photographed. Now the blackmail letter has been sent to me. Do you know that if he fails this time, he will put all the blame on me again! I'm really tired after so many years. "

Wanda had never seen Dina to be so decadent. She patted her on the shoulder and said, "Don't think about it. Let's get hammered tonight. We can never know what will happen in the future, we cannot even be sure how long we can live. "

Dina turned to look at her and asked, "Have you told this to Quincy?"

Wanda was stunned, "Why should I tell him?"

"Are you kidding me? Then you are cheating on your marriage. Although I have a complex feeling about Quincy But I think since you are married, shouldn't you be honest to each other? But don't worry. I will find the best doctor to treat you. I won't let you die. "

Looking at Dina, Wanda grinned foolishly.

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