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   Chapter 91 Your Woman

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The corners of Quincy's mouth twitched, but Wanda just pretended not to see it.

"What kind of style do you want to hear? Sad? Happy, or... "

Wanda stopped Quincy, "I'll say it for the last time. Don't pester me anymore." "Go back to No. three mansion to help my aunt."

"What if I don't agree?" Wanda replied, "No.3 Mansion is not mine. Even if it is destroyed, I will lose my job at most. And you see, you are my biggest creditor. But now I'm sitting in front of you, and you can't do anything to me. But if you go back to the hospital with me, it will be different. It's so close that I can run on both sides. It's too far here, and it's not easy for me to come here. If others suspect me, I will owe you not only one favor, but also one life. "

So Quincy closed his eyes and ignored Wanda.

Wanda stood up and patted Quincy on the shoulder. "Mr. Qin, please have a rest here. The sun is just right now. It can make you sober."

She ran into the room quickly. When Quincy opened his eyes, he found that Wanda was different today. When she looked at him in the past, her eyes were full of fear and hatred.

But today, she looked more energetic. He had seen her like this, but she never looked at him like that.

Seeing in the front yard, Seif turned to look at Wanda, stood up and walked towards her. "I've been working for Mr. Qin for so many years. This is the first time I betrayed him. Miss Wanda, I really hope that you can persuade Mr. Qin to cure his leg in any way. The doctor said it could be cured. "

"Then why not?"

Seif bit his lips tightly. After a long time, he said softly, "this process is very painful, and it may still be the same after experiencing these pains. Mr. Qin... "

After looking at Seif blankly for a while, Wanda smiled and said, "the worst thing is that things are like this now. Mr. Qin is actually afraid of pain. Mr. Seif, thank you very much for letting me follow you

ou who saved me. I almost got reunited with my family. It was you who pulled me back. Twice, the God of death had brushed past me. I have nothing, so ordinary that I can be submerged in the crowd. I was also called a jinx. I still survived shamelessly. What about you now? You are the Yama of the underworld and have a high position. You are capable, powerful and rich, but you want to live here and wait for death? "

"What are you talking about?" How dare you say that he was fooling around and waiting for death? It was the first time that someone had dared to say something like that to him! Quincy wanted to strangle the woman who smiled like a fox, but made him suddenly feel sorry for her.

Quincy said, "it's obvious that you are trying to goad me into action!" Wanda said softly, "I don't care for what reason you have. Can you find a reason to persuade yourself to be disabled?"

"Shut up!"

"What? You can't stand it just by saying it? In my heart, a person like you should die standing up, not live siting in a wheelchair! Quincy, it's just a bet. Why don't you give it a try? "

"Who do you think you are can talk to me like this?" Blue veins stood out on both sides of his forehead because of anger. Quincy stared at Wanda coldly.

"Because I'm your woman!"

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