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   Chapter 90 Shameless

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"Is that enough?"

With her head down, Wanda calmly changed the dressing for Quincy and walked towards the gate. Quincy didn't look back. He held the handrails on both sides of the chair with his hands, revealing blue veins.

After a long time, Seif came back. He walked to the front of Quincy with his head down, and the latter looked at him coldly.

"Mr. Qin, your legs need treatment immediately." Seif still didn't dare to look up at Quincy. He had thought that he could ask Wanda to persuade him. It was the first time that he had seen Quincy lose his mind for a woman and quarrel with Nelson for her. But he didn't expect that even Wanda could not...

"I hope you won't make decisions by yourself in the future."

He was surprised that Mr. Qin didn't lose his temper?

"Push me in."

"Yes, sir."

After entering the office, Quincy asked, "How's it going?"

The corners of Seif's mouth were pursed into a straight line. It was not until Quincy's eyes darkened and he frowned at him that he said softly, "Everything goes well as you expected, Mr. Qin. But... "

"No buts! You have been with me for so many years, and some things should be over. "

Without saying a word, Seif turned around and poured a cup of coffee for Quincy. They bought this place and just bought some simple furniture, afraid that too much movement would arouse others' suspicion. There were not many people living here, and the house was big enough and the place was remote. It took him a long time to find this place.

It was said that there were many invisible rich people living here, with their lovers, because others could hardly follow them in this area. Moreover, each house had a number of bodyguards, so no one would notice that there were a few more strangers here.

Taking the coffee, Quincy sighed, "God forced me to make a choice. What else do you think I can do except this way?"

"The doctor said that there

the side and said to the bodyguard at the door, "If anyone dares to help him today, I will..." She just raised her eyebrows with a smile and pushed Quincy to the backyard.

Someone reported to Seif in a hurry. Seif sat alone in the front yard with his eyes closed as if he hadn't heard anything.

Wanda sat cross legged in front of Quincy. There was a safe distance between them, which was beyond Quincy's reach.

Of course, Quincy knew what Wanda meant. He pursed his cold thin lips into a straight line.

"What on earth do you want to do? If you pester me because I saved you, I'll tell you now. You're welcome! Can you leave now? "

"Did you admit it?" Wanda covered her mouth and smiled, "Why do you look a little scared? Are you afraid of me? Are you afraid that I will really do something to you with this fruit knife? "

Looking at her reckless face, Quincy suddenly smiled evilly and said, "Aren't you really afraid that I will kill you Uncle? "

Wanda ignored his words and said, "If you don't want eat, then don't eat. I'll tell you a story. Every time I didn't eat anything, my mother would take me to a room and tell me stories. I was so hungry that I cried, but she ignored it and kept telling me stories. Then I learned how to tell stories so easily. "

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