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   Chapter 89 Flattery

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"Mr. Qin is in that room. You can go in."

Wanda looked at Seif in a daze. How could Seif tell her this?

"What are you looking at? I didn't bring you here. You followed me here. " Seif didn't help her but walked ahead directly. When he passed by Wanda, he said lightly, "Do you think anyone can track me?"

Stunned, Wanda watched Seif leave. Then she turned around and looked at the room Seif had just mentioned. Did he mean that he had deliberately led her here to see Quincy? But he was afraid that Quincy would blame him, so he pretended to be followed by her?

She thought she was smart, but as a result, everything was under Seif's control. It was true that if you lay down with a dog, you get up with fleas!

After swallowing, Wanda walked toward the room. There were many Quincy's subordinates all the way, but they all thought she was transparent. When she walked in, she saw that Quincy was lying on the deck chair alone in the sun. Without looking back, she said, "You're back? Has everything been settled? "

Hearing his lazy voice, Wanda felt a lump in her throat and stood still.

"Remember to block the news. That woman hates me to hit people the most. Just teach him a lesson and let him remember who he is not qualified to touch!"

Wanda was stunned again He's not talking about Kevin, is he?

Seeing that the person behind him didn't make a sound for a long time, Quincy was a little impatient. He asked coldly, "Haven't you dealt with such a small matter well?"

Turning his head to look at Wanda, who was standing not far away from him and covering her mouth with her hands and crying, Quincy was stunned. And now there was no one in the place that had been guarded by his men.

He said coldly, "Why

ically, which she had never done before.

Quincy's finger moved slightly. As long as he got closer to her, he could hold her in his arms. But he looked down at his legs, which had been sentenced to death by the doctor. In fact, he didn't even have the ability to protect himself now. How could he protect her?

He slowly turned his palm around and pushed Wanda out. "That's enough. I always say that to the woman who has been with me. Men may not say that because they like you! It was just an inflated power. As for the Kevin, Yes, I caught a man because he took someone to deal with your family and made others make trouble in the casino. As the owner of No.3 Mansion, do you think he will have a good end? It has nothing to do with you. Please don't flatter yourself! "

Looking at Wanda, Quincy sneered, "Don't you always think that I'm a bad person whose hands are covered with blood and full of sins? Is it because you have stayed in No.3 Mansion for a long time and now you realized that only powerful men can be your lifelong support? Yes, you're right. But I'm not interested in a woman like you. I prefer a woman with an attractive figure. "

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