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   Chapter 88 With Ulterior Motives

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A painful scream resounded through the night. Then, the servant dragged Wanda in and looked at her with disdain. " I have never seen anyone who works so hard like you to meet Mr. Qin."

"I'm looking for Mr. Qin. It's not what you think. I really have something very important to talk to him."

"Everyone who came to see Mr. Qin said so. Miss Wanda, I advise you to give up. "

It turned out that the man still recognized her. Wanda quickly said, "Can you tell me where Mr. Qin is? I I am It's my master, the president of No.3 Mansion. Mr. Qin's aunt asked me to talk to him about something, very important, related to work. Really? "

The servant was stunned at first, then she covered her mouth and laughed, "it's impossible! If it were someone else, he would have believed your lie. I've been working in the Qin family since Mr. Qin was a child. I'm familiar with everyone in the Qin family. Young lady, since you're Miss Yara's disciple, I won't make a fuss about it with you. You can leave now. Remember, don't come again. Not everyone can enter the Qin family. "

Wanda was pushed out by the servant. Her right arm was numb with pain. She looked at the closed door of the Qin family. She couldn't understand what the servant said just now, but she always felt that there was something wrong with her words.

Looking at her swollen arm, Wanda walked outside with her eyebrows tightly wrinkled and tears fell helplessly.

She had her own selfish motive. She hadn't calmed down since she knew that the Quincy might have come back. The servant was right. Even she herself despised herself now. Her main purpose was not for Hanna, let alone saving Kevin. Because in her heart, a scumbag like him was not worth her saving. Hanna shouldn't have been tortured by such a man.

She just——

She just wanted to see Quincy.

When Seif drove past, he saw Wanda walking on the road with her arms crossed in pain and stopped beside her.

With a somewhat numb expression, Wa

d Seif's car all the way and stopped at the roadside. Wanda saw Seif got off the car. But Wanda had never been to this place. It took her almost an hour from the downtown to this place. "Driver, where are we?" asked Wanda in a low voice

"This is the Double Arms Road. We have arrived at the edge of our South Sea City. A little further on, it's the neighboring city. "

After paying the bill, Wanda got out of the car and looked around. It was in the suburb, and there were almost no tall buildings, and there was a smell of garbage. Then she saw a layer of garbage floating on the river not far away. That's where the smell came from. Why did Seif come to such a remote place?

She carefully followed Seif. After walking for a while, Seif suddenly disappeared. Wanda hurried to catch up with him. Suddenly, Seif rushed out from the side and stood in front of her. He asked indifferently, "Are you looking for me?"

Wanda was so scared that her feet became soft and she sat on the ground, but she regained her sanity in time. She raised her injured right hand and sat directly on the ground without any help. It was so painful that she gritted her teeth and burst into tears.

Wanda looked up at the wind and smiled awkwardly, "No No, I just I just came here to find a friend. Mr. Seif, what a coincidence! "

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