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   Chapter 87 The Unexpected Truth

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Wanda tried her best to pull Hanna up, and her tone was much colder than before. "What you said has nothing to do with me, but I really want to know why Kevin asked someone to hit my uncle?"

The reason why she fell out with Hanna was that she had been persuading Hanna not to make any dirty money, because she had already had Kevin! She couldn't find the reason why Kevin hated her so much that he even hired someone to beat her family.

Hanna cried and said, "Wanda, I beg you. Can you stop talking about this now? Now that Kevin has fallen into Mr. Seif's hands, he is doomed to die. Now only you can help me save him. "

Wanda lowered her eyes and thought for a long time. Then she looked at Hanna helplessly and said, "I really don't know why Seif took away Kevin. He might have done something to offend Seif. It's a personal grudge between them. Besides, I'm not familiar with Seif. Sorry, I can't help you. "

Now she was treading on thin ice every day in No.3 Mansion, and Seif had a lot of opinions on her because of the matter of Quincy. In addition, it was not convenient for her to help with this kind of thing, and she was not qualified.

"It's because you took me away from the hotel last time and offended Mr. Lin. Soon, Kevin knew about it. He beat your uncle just to remind you not to meddle in other people's business. Wanda, I've always regarded you as my good sister. I can't lose Kevin. Please help me. "

"Wait!" Wanda sensed something wrong in Hanna's words. "I saved you from the hotel. Kevin should thank me. Why did he hit my uncle to remind me?"

With her trembling eyes, Hanna looked away. She didn't dare to look into Wanda's eyes, which confirmed Wanda's guess.

Wanda sneered, "Hanna, that's your so-called true love! You can't live without such a man! So you mean it was all because of him that you had a miscarriage and been seriously injured in hospital? "

Hanna didn't say anything. Wanda

er, she hoped that he would let him go. She did it for Hanna, though she couldn't figure it out.

Since she couldn't find Hanna, she didn't know where to find Quincy. She had been in No.3 Mansion for so long, but she didn't know where Quincy's other company was except here.

In desperation, she had to take a taxi to the Qin family's house. She wandered around the gate for a long time, but didn't dare to go in.

After a while, there was no sound inside, so she had to bite the bullet and walk over. Hearing the doorbell ringing, the servant opened the door and saw it was Wanda. She asked with a cold face, "Why are you here?"

"I'm looking for Mr. Qin."

"Mr. Qin is not here!" Then the servant was about to close the door.

"I have something important to tell Mr. Qin. Can you tell me where I can find him?"

The servant sneered, "There are so many women who want to find Mr. Qin. Don't think you are going to be his wife only because you have lived here for a few days. Leave now. Otherwise, I will call someone."

She didn't know why the servant was so hostile to her, but she couldn't find Quincy except here.

The servant pushed her hard, Wanda lost her balance and sprained her ankle. She frowned in pain and reached out her hand when the servant closed the door.

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