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   Chapter 85 Tell Out The Secret

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As soon as she heard the voice behind her, Wanda walked to another gambling table without looking back.

It was Aaron!

Aaron stretched out to hold Wanda's and asked, "Why do you leave me alone?"

Turning her head to look at Aaron, Wanda secretly pulled her hand out of his hand and smiled, "I'm sorry, Mr. Aaron. A guest has called me. If you want to play, you can ask the manager to arrange a sister for you."

Aaron took Wanda's hand and walk out directly. No one in the casino dared to stop him. But seeing that the two looked strange, and Wanda kept shouting, someone went to inform Yara.

Aaron pulled her into a lounge nearby, lowered his head and said softly, "I'm sorry. I failed to save you last time."

"I know you have been there, and I am very grateful to you. But Mr. Aaron, you are just an acquaintance of me. Or you are a rich man. I think we should know the boundary between us. "

"Is it because of him?" Aaron looked at her with a faint smile.

"Him? Do you mean your brother, Quincy? Speaking of this, in fact, I have a question in my heart all the time. Only you know that Quincy and I were in Eon City at that time. Why did those killers find that place? Why didn't your brother tell your family or others that you had come to see us? "

Speaking of this, the look in Wanda's eyes became colder and colder, not because she might be taking the blame for Aaron. Since Quincy hadn't told her what happened to his brother at that time, what she could do was to keep this secret with him.

"You mean even you think I betray him?" Aaron sneered, but more like self-mockery, "Now everyone is suspecting you, so you hate me? For the sake of status, he didn't even rush back to see his mother for the last time. You believe him! In order to monopolize the Qin family's property, He doesn't care about his own brother's life or death, and you chose to trust him! Trust the person who put you in danger again and again!

ow could you talk about humanity with me? "

Aaron opened the door and left.

Wanda timidly walked up to Yara and whispered, "Master, let me drive you to the hotel to have a rest."

After a long time, Yara rubbed her forehead wearily and said, "No, thanks. I have a headache and want to go back first."

As soon as Yara turned around, Wanda suddenly called, "Master."

She walked in front of Yara and her tears fell again. "Master, can you tell me where is Quincy now? How is he? "

Yara looked up at her in red eyes and said softly, "I really don't know. I only know that it's Quincy's own decision to leave here. "

After saying that, Yara left.

In the evening, there was a sudden noise in the casino. Wanda heard someone constantly shouting her name, and several people carried something unknown to block the door. Seeing her stunned, the manager quickly said, "Go and have a look."

When Wanda walked over, she saw that these people were carrying her uncle, Ryan. However, he was beaten black and blue and his face was totally unrecognizable.

"Uncle?" Wanda cried out and held Ryan in her arms, tears streaming down. After all, Ryan is her uncle and blood is thicker than water. Seeing Ryan like this, she cried and asked, "Uncle, what's wrong with you? Who hit you like this? "

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