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   Chapter 84 Two Faces

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"Your fiancé treats you well." Hanna was stunned by what Wanda said. After a while, she turned around and looked at her. Wanda walked closer to her and asked, "You are so stable in this relationship, why do you..."

"It's none of your business."

Hanna couldn't control her emotions and shouted at Wanda. Then she looked at Wanda and said softly, "Wanda, my child is gone. Whatever I do now is my own decision. You don't need to care about me anymore."

"Why? Why did you miscarry? " Although Wanda had already guessed the answer, she was still surprised when she heard it from Hanna herself. "Is it related to the wound on your back?"

Hanna turned around and walked out, biting her lips tightly.

Later, Wanda didn't see Hanna again. One of her coworkers told her that Hanna applied to the manager and was transferred to another class.

Wanda knew that Hanna wanted to avoid her, so she sighed slightly.

Almost all the female companions had arrived. Without Hanna's gossip, it was much quieter here. Wanda don't know if they have heard about Mr. Lin, and No.17 specially came to ask her about Hanna.

Wanda could only say that Hanna was fine last night, and she didn't know anything else.

After thinking for a while, Wanda asked, "Do you know how long did Hanna ask for leave?"

"It's been a while, not long after you resigned. Hanna is famous for her diligence. She suddenly asked for ten days off, so I was deeply impressed. Someone met them in Auspicious hospital."

"Did they tell you what's wrong with her?"

"Well..." When No.17 was about to say something, she suddenly raised her eyebrows and looked at Wanda with a smile. "You're the least gossip among us. Why are you so interested today?"

"No, I saw her fiancé was very gentle to her today. If she was sick, he must be very anxious, right?"

No.17 couldn't help but cover her mouth and smile, "Gentle? Are you kidding me? It seems that you are good friends, but you don

man really bullied her to this point and she never thought of leaving him, it must be true love. But I don't know much about these things. I just guess that unless you let that man disappear from the earth quietly, it will be difficult for you to persuade her to leave this man. "

"You'd better take care of yourself first. Listen to me, you'd better not leave No.3 Mansion. If there is really something very important that you must go, you must inform me."

Wanda stared at Dina and asked, "What do you mean?"

After hesitating for a while, Dina said, "I just think that the disappearance of Quincy is too weird. I admit that if the Qin family wants to block the news, they can definitely do it. But it's impossible for me to admit that I can't find any news about it. But this time, I really can't find anything. The only explanation is that the Qin family deliberately blocked me because of I am your friend. I'm afraid that you would be in danger, if Quincy can't survive this time.''

Wanda knew that Dina was talking about the matter that Nelson was going to deal with her, and her master had given her the same hint before. She knew it, but she was more worried about Quincy. The more secret Nelson's actions were, the more it meant that Quincy's situation was not like what it was said.

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