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   Chapter 82 My World

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Wanda didn't say anything. She had promised Hanna not to tell anyone about it.

"Master, is there no other way but to obey the rules?"

Frowning, Yara thought for a while and said, "Wanda, do you know why I agreed with Quincy to take you as my disciple?"

Wanda was stunned. She didn't know that. She always thought that her master didn't refuse because of the request of Quincy.

"Because I think your eyes are very clean. I was born in the Qin family, and there are many things that I can't choose. I can't see clean things around me. You are smart and ambitious, and you are bold and cautious. But I have to admit that although some things have passed, you still have a lot of trouble to deal with. I don't think you should bother yourself with other people's affairs at this time. "


"Everyone has his or her own way of living, but before finding a way of living, it's better for him or her to survive. Otherwise, you will waste others' efforts. "

Wanda's heart skipped a beat. When she was about to ask whether her master meant something else, Yara had already let her out.

When she went to the bathroom, Wanda heard two women whispering. "Today, No. seventeen is still crying. They said that her guest was stolen by No. ten. I heard from my friends who went out with Mr. Lin last time that Mr. Lin is just..." The woman who spoke the last sentence was whispering to another woman's ear. The woman was so frightened that she covered her mouth and looked at her. "It's impossible, isn't it? That Mr. Lin looks gentle. I didn't expect him to be such a man. "

"Don't judge a book by its cover. We have been working here for so many years, and we have seen all kinds of men. Although he is generous, the money is used to zip your mouth. You don't know that my sister went out with him last time. She rested at home for half a month before she could walk. Until now, she hasn't completely got rid of the shadow. Number ten went out with Mr. Lin, she will regret for the rest of her life. "

Wanda turned aro

her to bush behind.

The street lamp there should be broken, and it was dark. Wanda struggled hard, and kicked hard with her legs. Accidentally, she kicked the man's private part. He quickly held his crotch and jumped several times. "You bitch." He stepped forward and slapped Wanda two times, which made her dizzy. After a moment of numbness at the corners of her mouth, she felt that she was bleeding.

When Dina arrived with her people, she just saw that Wanda was dragged away by the two people. Dina's eyes darkened. Her subordinate looked at her and said, "boss, I'll take someone to deal with them."

"No." Dina opened the door and got out of the car. Her subordinates quickly followed her. She said coldly, "all of you, stand still!"

When Dina walked towards the bush, she happened to see the man slapping Wanda. She walked towards him and sneered, "I can't protect you there. Outside, it's my world!"

The two men heard the voice behind them. The moment they turned their heads, Dina pounced on them. Wanda had never seen such a fierce expression on Dina's face. Wanda didn't feel scared, but felt relieved.

"Bitch, who are you?" The dizzy man covered his face and shouted at Dina.

The second slap came, and the other man had already recognized Dina. He left his friend behind and ran away. "Beat him!" Dina shouted in a deep voice

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