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   Chapter 81 Something Is Wrong

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Finally, after nearly a month, Wanda returned to No.3 Mansion. Everything seemed to be the same as before. Looking at everything she was familiar with, for the first time, she felt a sense of connectedness here.

Wanda sat in the lounge and occasionally heard the name of Quincy from other female companions. Some said that he had opened a new casino in another city. Some people also said that Quincy had been trying hard to turn the Qin's industry into a legitimate one these years, so he would not appear in No.3 Mansion these days.

"Han... No. ten. " Seeing that Hanna ran to the casino in a hurry in front of her, Wanda called her in a hurry.

Hanna turned to look at her and asked in surprise, "you're back?" Then she raised her hand and looked at the watch. "I have something urgent to deal with now. A guest called and urged me. We'll talk later."

"Eh..." Before Wanda could finish her words, Hanna had already run into the room. "Oh..."

Only then did she notice that Hanna was wearing a pair of ten centimeter high-heeled shoes, a very sexy red tight skirt, and her hair was dyed wine red. Wanda was so scared that she took a deep breath. In the past, Hanna was very careful when she knew that she was pregnant. She had to wear high heels in the casino, and she would not wear more than three centimeters, let alone dye her hair.

Wanda didn't think too much and followed Hanna into the casino. The business here didn't change because of the loss of Quincy, and it was as good as before.

Wanda had been busy the whole day.

When she was about to get off work, she happened to see that Susie walked out of the casino in a gorgeously dressed dress and held a guest's arm intimately.

Even a fool would know her plan if she did so at this time.

Without hesitation, Wanda quickly ran up to her, reached out her hand and held Hanna. She turned around and smiled a

changing her clothes, Wanda went back to her room and began to worry about Hanna. Because she had seen the happy look in Hanna's eyes when she mentioned Kevin, and the maternal love when she mentioned the baby in her belly. Why did she become like this now?

It suddenly occurred to Wanda that when she saw Hanna just now, she was wearing a tight dress, without showing any belly. She should have been pregnant for five months. How could her belly not be noticed?

Could it be

She didn't dare to think further.

Since Wanda came to No.3 Mansion, she remembered all the good things that Hanna had done for her. Now Hanna suddenly became like this. Wanda couldn't pretend nothing had happened.


After Wanda knocked on the door and walked in, Yara looked up at her, put down the things in her hands and said, "have a seat."

After Wanda sitting down, Yara said, "I heard that you came to work today. How's it going? Are you okay?"

"I am fine. Master, I want to ask if there is any way to bring back a woman who went out with a guest? "

Yara looked at her in confusion. "It's a custom for a woman to accompany a guest out in No.3 Mansion, or perhaps in South Sea City. It's not against the rules here. Why did you ask her back?"

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