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   Chapter 80 As Long As You Are Alive

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"No, no..."

All of a sudden, Dina was awakened by fear. She looked at Wanda lying on the bed, who was sweating profusely and grabbed the quilt tightly with her hands and kept talking in sleep.

"Wanda, Wanda..."

Finally, Wanda opened her eyes. She sat up straight, threw herself into Dina's arms and burst into tears.

Dina knew that Wanda had never experienced such a thing. She must have been suffering in pain these days. She had been with Quincy in fear. Still, she ran into Nelson, the man who could not tell wrong or right. If he is not Quincy's father, Dina wouldn't have let it go.

"Where's Quincy? Dee. Where is Quincy? " Tears welled up in Wanda's eyes. The first thing she remembered after she woke up was Quincy's safety.

"Wanda, you have been in a coma for four days. His father almost killed you. Do you still miss him?" Dina said in an angry tone. You just almost died. That wouldn't be good. Don't think about these things now. You should have a good rest first. Besides, I'll take you to my house after you leave the hospital. Don't worry. I don't live with my father. I will protect you from now on. I'd like to see who dares to do anything to you under my cover! "

Until now, Dina was still mad at Nelson.

"Where is Quincy? Dee." Wanda held her hand and asked Dina as if she was begging.

"I don't know!" Dina said angrily, looking at Wanda whose eyes were red, "I really don't know. I didn't lie to you. I only know that they left you here alone, regardless of your life or death."

Looking at Wanda, Dina kept silent for a while and then said, "they all said that you set Quincy up, but I don't believe it. But it's useless. Hundreds of people working for Quincy and all the members of the Qin family won't believe it. Don't think about Quincy anymore. Take good care of yourself. I will take care of you in the future. "

A crisp sound of high-heeled shoes rang out at the door. Yara cam

That night, she had witnessed how Nelson treated Wanda. How could she not worry about her?

Wanda felt a little tired and couldn't help yawning. After tucking her in, Dina walked out and sat down on the bench.

She took out her phone and looked at it. Andrew had called her more than 20 times. She knew he would call her, so she deliberately muted her phone.

He had always been timid, but he was as ambitious as a wolf. She was his daughter. She could help him endlessly, but it didn't mean that she would give in completely to him.

As long as Wanda knew that Quincy was still alive, no matter where he was and whether they could be together or not

It was impossible. Their relationship was very pure. She helped him not because of other feelings, not to mention that it was impossible for them to be together now.

Wanda turned around, tears streaming down her face, but the corners of her mouth were slightly rising. As long as he was still alive, everything would be fine.

She felt sleepy and her eyelids became heavier and heavier. It was the first time that she was so tired like now since she grew up. It was also the first time that she had experienced death at a close distance.

But all of this was no longer scared to Wanda, because Quincy was still alive.

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