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   Chapter 78 At The Crucial Moment Of Life Or Death

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"Where is the evidence? I can also say that she pretended nothing had happened in order to hide what she had done! " With a frown, Yara looked at Dina and said, "I know you are kind-hearted, but I advise you not to meddle in this matter. If you irritate my brother, the relationship between our two families may come to an end."

"Let it be. I have been in society for many years and I have always been loyal to friends. Now that my friend has an accident, I will never refuse to help her. I didn't expect your Qin family to be so ruthless. "

Dina turned around and ran out. What else could she do to help Wanda now?

Aaron had been here many times, but he was refused by Yara. He asked Wanda's colleagues, but none of them had seen her.

At this moment, he saw Dina rushing downstairs angrily and hurried to follow her. "Miss Dina..."

Before he finished his words, Dina turned around and pointed at his nose with her finger fiercely. "I'm in a bad mood now. If you don't want to embarrass yourself, just shut up!"

"Miss Dina, I just want to know where Wanda is now. If you know, please tell me."

"Why should I tell you? There is no a good person in your family! "

Aaron stretched out his hand to hold Dina, and his eyes were no longer gentle as before. There was even a trace of cruelty in his eyes. "Do you mean that my father has found someone to catch Wanda?"

It suddenly occurred to Dina that Aaron was also after Wanda. Maybe he could really save her.

"Don't you know what happened to your family? Now your father suspects that Wanda colluded with someone in your brother's matter. What do you think a person like your father will do to her? "

"Where is he now?"

"Come with me if you want to save her!" Dina snorted.

Aaron rushed in first. As soon as Nelson saw him, he asked coldly, "what are you doing here?"

"For so many years, I can pretend not to see what you have done. But this time, I can't do it. I'm dete

ion a word.

Two hours later, Dina came upstairs. She didn't even look at Nelson. She walked directly to the bedside of Quincy and said, "Wanda has been rescued. The doctor said that if she was sent to hospital later, all her organs and muscles would be damaged in different degrees. I'm afraid..." After saying that, she took a cold look at the direction of Nelson and continued, "if you are in good spirit now, can you tell me what happened that day? I don't want Wanda to bear such a big crime all the time. If so, why saved her? She will be dealt with anyway. "

As soon as Quincy heard that Wanda was fine, the tightened corners of his lips finally loosened a little. "If it weren't for her, I would have died a long time ago. When I was in Eon City, she had been taking care of me, but I didn't want to get her into trouble, so I sent her away. But I can guarantee that what had happened in Eon City couldn't be leaked by her. She can help me distract those killers and send the goods to A Country alone! She is just an ordinary person. She even dared do this for me. Do you really think she will kill me? "

"If it weren't for her, who would it be?" There was no guilt in Nelson's eyes. Even if it proved that it had nothing to do with Wanda, he would not regret what he had done just now!

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