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   Chapter 77 Mind Your Own Business

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"Yes, it's possible."

The doctor was also frightened. All the things in the morgue would not be put directly into the freezer. If a dog really ran into it and ate it

He couldn't imagine the consequences.

Dina calmed the doctor by saying, "Don't worry. If my dog really brings any trouble to your hospital, I will take the responsibility. Tell me how to get to the morgue. I'll find it myself. "

When the doctor heard that Dina was willing to take full responsibility, he wished he could draw a detailed map and give it to her immediately.

After asking about the position, Dina walked out as if nothing had happened. After walking far away, she began to curse, "Nelson is such a cunning old fox. He must have hidden Wanda in the morgue." No wonder she couldn't find it.

But now, Nelson hadn't come out yet. If she went to ask him directly, he could deny it. Or, he could directly say that Wanda was the mastermind of this matter. Even she couldn't save her.

Seeing her running over, one of Dina's men asked in a low voice, "Boss, what are you doing here?"

"It doesn't matter. Go and mind your own business."

"No, I'm here to tell you that Mr. Andrew just called and asked all our people to retreat. Now! "

"What? Retreat? Why? "

Her subordinate scratched his head and said, "Well Mr. Andrew didn't say anything. He just asked me to come and inform you. "

"Well, you can leave now. I have something private to deal with. Don't bother me."

"Yes, boss."

As soon as her subordinate left, Dina saw Nelson came out of the morgue. This place is hard to find. No wonder she hadn't found it before. The morgue was located on the second floor of the basement of this building. Because the people living here were all seriously ill patients, and they might die at any time. Therefore, in order to be convenient, an elevator was added in the middle and they could go directly to the second floor of the basement. Th

isted on breaking in."

"It's okay. You can go out first."

At the sight of Dina, Yara felt a little headache. She forced herself to cheer up and looked at her, "It's so late. What are you doing here?"

"Go and save Wanda If you don't save her, she will be dead."

Yara pursed her lips slightly. "I've heard about it. I won't interfere in what my brother is going to deal with. I can't help you with this. "

"You're not helping me. You're helping your apprentice, and you're helping Quincy! Do you know how many things Quincy has done for Wanda? Although he has never admitted it, I know how important Wanda is to him. If you really kill her, you will regret it. "

How could Yara not know what Dina had said? But now that Quincy was badly injured and lying there still didn't know how long he could hold on. If something happened to him, the Qin family would definitely be in great turmoil. Besides, all the evidences showed that the accident of Quincy had something to do with Wanda. As long as there was no evidence to convince her brother, she could do nothing.

Seeing that Yara didn't say anything, Dina quickly said, "Why don't you think about it? If it was really Wanda who leaked the secret, why did she come back? Doesn't she know whose world the South Sea City is? "

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