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   Chapter 76 The Dog Is Missing

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"I really don't know who that person is..." Tears welled up in Wanda's eyes. When she was about to stand up, she was stopped.

Only now did she see clearly that this was the corpse room. She was in one of the freezers just now.

"It seems that you haven't adapted to the temperature just now." Nelson stood up and said coldly, "I'll give you one more day to think it over before answering my question."

After that, he turned around and left in a huff. Wanda screamed for help behind him, but soon her mouth was stuffed again. Someone lowered the temperature and locked her in.

The cramped space made Wanda breathless. As time went by, it was so quiet as if she could only hear her heavier breath. The pace of death was getting closer and closer, filled with fear, Wanda patted the freezer. After a long time, Wanda calmed down in despair.

"Miss Dina, Nelson has left."

"Okay." "It's time for you to perform," said Dina flatly

Wanda had disappeared for a day and a night, and her people had found out that she had been with Quincy during the days when she disappeared. Later, they didn't know why she came back alone, which meant that as soon as she left, those people found Quincy and hurt him like this.

Nelson would never let Wanda go.

But she didn't have any evidence to prove that it was Nelson who had done it. The only one who could save Wanda was Quincy.

Not long after, there was a noise outside. "Who is it? Stop!"

Dina's subordinates ran out and shouted loudly. Soon, the police Seif were alarmed. They rushed over and asked, "What happened?"

"We just saw a few figures sneaking over. When we followed them, we didn't see anyone."

Although there were other patients and family members in this hospital, at this time, Seif did not dare to relax a little. He immediately said to his men, "Go and have a look."

When the people upstairs were in a mess, Dina quickly went downstairs to check. Th

here today. I saw it running into the building where Mr. Qin stayed, I asked Mr. Qin's men to help me find it, but they didn't find anything. Do you guys in this hospital eat dogs? "

Dina raised her eyebrows and looked at the doctor coldly. The doctor also looked at her up and down quickly and thought 'Miss Dina didn't seem to be a pet owner at all.' But how dare he question her?

"Here is the thing, Miss Dina. We have to get their approval before we go to see Mr. Qin. Otherwise, I will send someone to find your dog for you right away..."

"I don't need your help! Do you mean that Mr. Qin's men are incompetent? " Dina looked at the doctor unhappily, "I'm asking you, do you eat dogs in this hospital? Why does it run in and never come out? "

"How dare we? Pets are not allowed to enter the hospital... " As soon as the doctor finished his words, he noticed that Dina's eyes darkened. He hurriedly said, "Of course, Miss Dina, you have the right to do so. Maybe your dog is hungry and then goes to find something to eat."

"Food? Do you think this is a hotel? What could it eat? Dead body? "

When the doctor heard what Dina said, he immediately thought of it and said, "Miss Dina, it's possible! If it really finds our morgue, it will be a disaster. "

"The morgue?"

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