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   Chapter 72 Disturbance At The Airport

Contract With The Devil: Perfect Lover By Chang An Characters: 7019

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"Quincy, I've arrived at the airport. I hope you can keep your words!"

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone, and Wanda's mood suddenly became very nervous. She held the phone tightly. With a slight smile, Quincy said, "Of course."

After hanging up the phone, what Wanda didn't know was that after hanging up, Quincy was sweating because of the pain.

"Dee, I'll go back to worship my parents two days later on the anniversary of their death. Maybe I'll be back in a few days. This time, don't say that I didn't inform you before I leave."

Hearing what Wanda said, Dina was so angry that she wanted to beat her. "You didn't come back until noon. And now you leave again?"

Wanda kept silent. In fact, she was also very tired and didn't want to leave so soon. After all, she knew how high the risk of taking goods was. She didn't know whether she could come back alive or not. However, that man had asked her to leave the South Sea City before, and he must have something to do with the Quincy's accident. She didn't want to alert them and cause any trouble again.

"Forget it. How long are you going to leave this time?"

"Just a few days. I promise I'll be back soon. You said you would help me find the suitcase. I'm waiting for you. "

"I don't think you dare to lie to me anymore. Otherwise, I will break up with you!"

"Don't worry. How dare I offend the queen of the South Sea City? Otherwise, I won't be able to come back to the South Sea City for the rest of my life. " After making a joke, Wanda said seriously, "Dee, I'll leave No.3 Mansion to you to take care of. Besides, you should also take care of the Qin family."

"Okay, I know. Especially your master, right? " "I know you only miss your master." Dina said contemptuously.

Wanda couldn't help laughing. Dina was really a very simple girl. She had never doubted anything else.

"How is that possible? I still have you in my heart. "

After the two of them chatted for a while, Wanda got on the plane. After talking with Dina for a while, Wanda was really in a better mood. It was not bec

d have to stay here for three months

Turning her head to look at the school, her dark eyes suddenly lit up. "Clari College? It turned out to be the Clari College? It is the most famous fashion designer school in the world and was the cradle of many famous fashion designers It's here! "

"Yes, because only when you go to school here, the police won't dare to make trouble for you. Miss Wanda, I'll take you to go through the enrollment procedures first, and then take you back to the apartment."

Wanda felt that this matter was somewhat unreasonable, but in this strange place, she was not familiar with the law here. It seemed that she could only listen to this lawyer.

"By the way, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Urien, Quincy and I are sworn brothers. You don't have to be so polite to me. " Urien said with some guilt, "I was delayed by something on the way a few days ago, so I didn't pick you up in the first time. I'm really sorry for making such a big mistake."

In fact, she was just a carrier. There was no need for him to be so polite to her. "It doesn't matter. The detention house in A Country is not horrible, and the police there are very polite."

When they finished the formalities in less than an hour and came out. Wanda said in surprise, "I thought I would be refused. After all, I have left school for many years."

Urien just smiled and said nothing.

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