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   Chapter 71 Bring The Goods For Him

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Seeing that Wanda walked out of the bathroom, Dina shook her head helplessly. Just now, she received a call from Wanda. When she arrived at the station, she saw her sitting on the platform and crying like a child.

Originally, she was very angry when Wanda quietly left South Sea City, but now seeing that Wanda still knew to come back and turned to her at first when she was in need of help, Dina didn't care about it anymore.

Looking at Dina, Wanda pursed her lips tightly, sat down next to her and said softly, "thank you, Dee."

"Don't thank me first. You can thank me when I find back your suitcase." Although Dina was not angry about Wanda's leaving any more, she had to show unhappy a bit. Otherwise, this woman would definitely treat her like this again in the future. She treated her as her sister. How dare Wanda do this to her!

"How can I find it back?" Wanda's hands were gently twisted together. In addition to her own clothes, there were also the belongings left by her mother. Those were her mother's jewelry. When she was a child, she liked to see her mother wearing them. Her mother joked that she would give them to her as dowry when she grew up. She had been sold by her uncle and found back by Quincy, but she didn't expect that it would lose again soon. Perhaps, many things were destined.

With one foot on the tea table, Dina turned to look at Wanda and said with a faint smile, "how about this? Let's make a bet. If I can help you find it back untouched, I don't want you to thank me, but you have to promise me one thing. On the contrary, if I lose, I will promise you one thing. What do you think? "

"Okay, I promise you. I know you are still angry with me now. It was my fault before, but too many things had happened and made me a little out of control. I promise, I will never do this again. "

Seeing that Dina snorted coldly, Wanda knew that she had already calmed down. She held her hand and shook it, "Dee, did anything happen in the casino these days?"


ch of goods to the buyer. He said I was safe and they wouldn't suspect me. "

"Just you?"

"Yes, just me!" Wanda looked at Seif with a determined look, "you have no choice, don't you? If there was another way, the goods wouldn't have been still in the warehouse. Let me have a try! "

Seif laughed, which confused Wanda. Seif said, "okay, I'll let you to bring the goods. If anything happens, I hope you can..."

"Don't worry. It has nothing to do with anyone. I did it myself."

Wanda got the information of the buyer from Seif and followed him to get the goods. After that, she was sent away by Seif without bringing anything with her.

When Wanda saw that the place where Seif sent her to was the airport, her face changed with fear. "Mr. Seif, can I take these things on the plane?"

The thing given by Seif was only about ten pounds. It must be so precious that those people chased after Quincy from far away and attacked him in South Sea City. She held the things in the suitcase more tightly subconsciously.

"Since I dare to send you here, of course I'm not afraid of being found out by them. But if you are really so stupid, no one can save you. When you arrive there, someone will pick you up at the airport. "

Before leaving, Seif gave a sum of money to Wanda. She couldn't refuse, so she had to accept it.

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