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   Chapter 33 Return It To Its Original Owner

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Staring at his injured arm, Wanda felt that the color of his clothes looked a little strange. She reached out her hand and touched it, and her fingers were all stained with blood.

"Are you okay?" Wanda said anxiously, "I'll take you to the hospital, right now."

"Don't be so nervous. I'm really fine." Then, Quincy turned around, opened the wardrobe behind him and took out a shirt. He changed it directly in front of Wanda. When Wanda was in a daze, she saw that the gauze on Quincy's arm was dyed red.

After changing into a new black shirt, Quincy turned to look at Wanda. Her eyes had turned red somehow.

"Why are you here?" She didn't have time to be shy and asked in a choked voice.

After buttoning up the last button, he raised his eyebrows and smiled at Wanda, "if I don't come, they will know that I'm seriously injured, and they can take the opportunity to deal with me?"

"So you did it on purpose just now to let them know that you are fine? In other words, Brent was also sent by John? "

Wanda kept guessing, 'no, it's not that simple.' she raised her head and continued, "You asked my master to take me away on purpose before, because you didn't want me to be a burden to you. Besides, my master suddenly left just now. If there was nothing important, she wouldn't have left in such a hurry. You shouldn't have come here at this time."

"It seems that my aunt have accepted the stupidest disciple. Her reputation will be ruined by you. You didn't even notice that someone put a wallet into your bag. " Turning on the computer on the desk, Quincy said in a low voice, "Aunt did have something important to deal with, so I came here. I was shocked when I saw this scene here just now. I didn't expect that there were many masters around a rough man like John."

Wanda looked at the video on the screen, in which she was playing cards with Brent. She had watched it several times, but she didn't see any flaws.

Quincy slowed down and stopped at a place, motioning for Wanda to look carefully.

asionally come over to stay for a period of time. Wanda hurried to help Yara with the things in her hands and followed her.

From the casino to the hotel, there was almost a complete No. three mansion. Jade walked very slowly, and her eyebrows were furrowed. Following her, IDA didn't even dare to make a sound. She didn't know why Yara suddenly left the casino just now, but it must be something very important. Besides, Yara looked preoccupied now, so she didn't dare to ask more.

"Ten years orl eleven years ago. I remember that at that time, Quincy was only sixteen or seventeen years old, and Aaron was only fifteen years old. And this place was just a very ordinary mahjong club. Ten years later, it became No.3 Mansion, including casinos, night clubs, hotels, coffee shops, etc. it was a high-end place in the city, and even many people would come for it. And it's all because of Quincy! "

Wanda was a little stunned. She looked at Yara surprisingly and asked, "You mean Mr. Qin has taken over this place at the age of sixteen or seventeen?"

Yara didn't answer. She just sighed heavily and said, "No.3 Mansion has become the most valuable entertainment place in the South Sea City, and also the fat pork in the eyes of those people. They all want to grab a share. The casino won't be quiet these days. You should be more careful. "

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