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   Chapter 32 Show Up In Time

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"Indeed, every woman is not the same. There are three kinds of women in this place. The first type is to talk about money with you, second is to talk with people with more money, and the last is to sleep with people with power and wealth."

Turning his head to look at Wanda, Charles saw that she greeted every colleague with a smile and took the initiative to work for her colleague. Her smile was sincere and brilliant, which made him smile. "She is definitely not the kind of person you said."

At this time, the casino's manager on duty walked behind Wanda and said softly, "No.13, a guest over there asked you to go there." Wanda turned her head and looked in the direction pointed by the manager. She nodded and walked over.

"Sir, may I know your name?"

"My surname is Brent."

Brent looked about forty years old and behaved decently.

"I just saw that you were lucky today. You can stay with me tonight. Why don't you tell me what shall I play tonight? "

After playing with Brent for two hours, he fumbled for a while and suddenly asked anxiously, "Where is my wallet? My wallet is gone "

The men beside him all stood up, pointed at their table mate and shouted, "Nobody move in here." He turned around and pointed at Wanda, "You're following Mr. Brent all the way today. Somebody, frisk her."

"Body search? Why should you frisk me? " Wanda took two steps back and said, "If Mr. Brent really lost his wallet, we can call the police. Besides, we have a full range of monitors here. If it is stolen, it will definitely be photographed. Don't worry."

"It's easy for you to say that. Do you know how many things I have in my wallet?" Mr. Brent shouted at Wanda coldly, "Call your manager here right now."

Mr. Brent looked like a completely different person. Wanda couldn't help trembling. The manager had already rushed over. Today, all the bosses of No.3 Mansion were not here, and the whole casino wa

"Why shouldn't I protect my people?" But when the corner of Quincy's mouth curled up, Wanda could clearly feel the smell of blood. "You are so bold to tamper with my business. Drag him out and teach him a lesson for his disobedience. "

"Yes, Mr. Qin."

After Brent and his men were dragged out, Quincy turned to look at Wanda and said, "Stay here." Then he walked out. Standing at the door, Wanda looked at Brent and his men who had been dragged out in bewilderment. She followed two steps and saw that they were punched hard on their bodies by Quincy. "Bring a message to your boss. If he wants to fight with me, I'm always waiting."

However, what happened here was totally ignored by the guests inside, which did not affect their gambling interest at all.

When those people were thrown out, Wanda quickly ran up to Quincy and pulled him over. "Go to the office."

His wound hadn't healed yet. If he beat them so hard just now, it would definitely crack again.

After taking Quincy to his office, Wanda quickly looked for the medicine box. Suddenly, she remembered that Quincy had never prepared a medicine box. She frowned and said, "Wait for me here. I'll be right back."

As soon as she turned around, she was pulled back by Quincy and he said lightly, "I'm fine."

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