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   Chapter 30 Two Acquaintances

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Wanda didn't expect Aaron to bring her to an amusement park. Above the amusement park was a cafe, and the spaces were only separated by a thin layer of glass. From the cafe, she could see the children playing merrily downstairs.

"Don't stay in that dark corner for too long. You should spend more time looking at these children. It might lift your spirits."

"I felt the same way as you in the beginning. I thought that if I worked at a place like No. 3 Mansion, I wouldn't be able to live a worthy life. However, for us employees, the only thing that concerns us is making more money. The kind of boss we have or the place where we work isn't any of our concern," Wanda replied in a low voice. Besides, it's safe to work there and no one dare bully me again."

"Do you get bullied often?" Aaron could sense that there was a deeper meaning behind Wanda's words.

She immediately realized that she shared too much. She couldn't understand why she felt so comfortable around Aaron. Ever since she found out about her uncle's debt, she had never felt at ease for one second.

She smiled faintly and said, "This is how society works. If you don't have money, no one will respect you. Money is everything. It'll dictate your identity and your status in this system. Excuse me, I have to use the bathroom."

Wanda slowly stood up and made her way towards the bathroom.

As soon as she opened the door, two women burst out of the bathroom. Wanda moved to the side so they wouldn't run into her. The two women froze when they saw Wanda. "I was wondering why you looked so familiar. You're Wanda, right? Do you work here? What a coincidence!"

Wanda raised her head to look at the two women. She immediately recognized them, but she didn't expect to see them here of all places.

They were her former co-workers at the shopping mall. At the time, she was desperate for a job there. She heard from someone that if she did well, she could become a manager and earn fifty to sixty thousand in a month. That money was a big deal for her family. It was more than the annual income of her and her uncle.

However, she wasn't that ambitious. It was enough for her to climb up the ranks step by step. Later on, she got the opportunity to become the manager's assistant. It was easier work and the salary was much larger.

At the time, she had been the best salesperson consistently for six months, which got her recommended for the position. She had to compete with several others for this opportunity. The two women in front of her were her competitors.

These women had no working experience and didn't work at the mall prior.

Everyone assured her that she would get the position. They said that they didn't have a chance against her.

However, when the list was released, she didn't make it. Later on, she found out that one of the two was the manager's niece, and the other slept with the manager. They managed to sneak their way into the office.

It was difficult for her to swallow her pride and she had a strong urge to continue fighting for the position, but she was too afraid of losing her job. She decided to let it go and give up.

"It seems like you're doing well for yourself. This is a high-end place. Only the rich come here. I never expected

you to work here."

"Wait, look at what she's wearing. It says No. 3 Mansion." Julia Liu covered her mouth in shock and smiled, "Everyone says that the No. 3 Mansion is full of high-class prostitutes. Did you know that? Their payment is even higher than in most places. I guess you got smarter, Wanda. You know how to make money with what you've got."

Shaylee Xu, the other woman, reached a hand out to smooth over Wanda's clothes. "I heard that you told everyone that I got into the shopping mall's office by sleeping with the manager. You looked down on me at the time. Now I know that you're no better than me. They say that you make good money when you work in No. 3 Mansion. If you could catch the attention of a rich boss and make him happy, you could make thousands of dollars in one night. I thought you were more sophisticated than this, but I guess I overestimated you."

"I never said any of that!" Lowering her head, Wanda said, "Excuse me, I have to go."

"Excuse you? What does that even mean? Julia, you should ask the manager here why would he allow such a woman to enter their cafe. Or is this cafe also a low place?" Shaylee looked at Julia with a displeased look on her face. "Don't you know the manager here?"

"No problem."

"Wanda." Aaron came over and looked at her tentatively before saying, "What's taking you so long?"

"Oh, so you are here with a customer? The customer has good taste, then. It looks like he's fond of you." The two women burst into laughter and looked at one another as they covered their mouths.

"Do you know what kind of animal people use to guard the toilet? They use dogs. Dogs like to eat shit, you know. You should be full by now, am I right? Your mouth must reek!"

"What are you talking about?" Julia was originally in awe of Aaron's beauty and she even blushed fiercely when he approached them. But she didn't expect that he would begin to insult them.

"I am speaking in national language."

"Julia, tell the manager not to let them in anymore." Shaylee crossed her arms and raised her eyebrows at Wanda and Aaron.

With a snap of his fingers, Aaron said, "Don't even bother."

The manager immediately ran over to them. Julia pressed her body against him in a flirtatious manner. "Shane." She didn't notice that it was the manager, not just a waiter.

The manager pushed her aside then nodded and bowed to Aaron politely. "Boss, is there a problem here?"

"I'll shoulder the two ladies' bill today. From now on, I don't want to see their faces here again. Besides, this gorgeous lady next to me will be a VIP here starting today. She doesn't need to pay for anything when she comes here."

"Yes, boss."

Aaron turned to look at Wanda and said, "Go on. I'll wait here."

The manager immediately asked someone to escort Julia and Shaylee out.

When Wanda came out, her eyes were slightly puffy and red. By this time, she was used to people's insults, but this was the first time that someone had defended her. It made her feel vulnerable and fragile.

In the past, the only thing she concerned herself with was making money, even if she had to put her dignity on the line. She was able to bear it by wrapping herself with a thick shell. She could barely feel the pain anymore.

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