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   Chapter 29 Intimacy And Alienation

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"I don't want to go!" Wanda refused stubbornly. She turned to look at Yara, who was also staring at her in bewilderment. She composed herself quickly and pleaded with the woman. "Master, my leg hasn't healed up. Even if I were to go back, I wouldn't be able to work. I'm more productive in cooking and caring for Mr. Qin here. I can make myself useful and make some money too..."

Instead of answering Wanda directly, Yara turned to Quincy. "Have you made up your mind about this?"

Quincy nodded with a smile.

Yara didn't say anything more. She just started to eat her food with utmost concentration. After the meal, she walked up to Quincy and whispered some things to him. Wanda washed the dishes in the kitchen and stole glances at them. Her heart was beating restlessly.

Later, Wanda noticed that Yara was looking at her. After a while, the woman voiced her decision. "You're coming to the No.3 Mansion with me."


"If you still acknowledge that I'm your master, then stop resisting and come with me now!" Yara interrupted Wanda and stood up to meet her at the eye level. Wanda looked at Quincy but didn't say anything to him. She quietly put down the things in her hands and followed Yara.

At the casino, Wanda stood and observed the environment. It was business as usual here. She had kept mute throughout the journey back with Yara. She frowned a lot as her thoughts tormented her.

She stood there absentmindedly. If it weren't for Dina, she wouldn't have known that the reason why Quincy went to John's place was to stand up for her. At that time, she had misunderstood Quincy and thought he intentionally put her on the spot. Now he was in danger, but he deliberately told Yara to take her away because he didn't want her to follow him.


A voice suddenly boomed in her ear and startled her. She turned around and found it was Aaron.

"I haven't seen you for days. I thought you quit."

The warm smile on his face dispelled the haze in her heart in an instant. She smiled back at him.

"It seems to be my lucky day today, meeting you. Why don't you hang out with me for a while?"

She obliged and followed him. Playfully, Aaron said to her, "Hey, little kitten, do you know what makes it so hard to forget you? It's your pure, sweet smile. Everyone here is wearing a deceptive appearance. They are so hypocritical."

"Mr. Aaron..." After hesitating for a while, Wanda went on, "I heard that you seldom came here. But recently, you seem to come here a lot. Is there a reason?"

"Why can't I come here? It's always open for business. Besides, if I don't come here, how will I see you? This place is sometimes messy but I don't care because you're here."

Aaron found a place to sit. He pulled her to sit next to him. Wanda shared a pack of cards between them and asked softly, "What about your brother?"

"He and I are related by blood, which is not something I can control. Every other thing that has to do with him is his business. It's out of my control," Aaron explained unhappily. Wanda could see that he became sad when she mentioned Quincy. After playing a few rounds, he raised his head. "I'm a little tired. Will you come with me for a drink?"

"I have to work," she replied.

"It's okay. You can ask for a leave." He squeezed her hand a little and made to leave. When they reach

ed the door, someone stopped them. Aaron looked up. "What's wrong?"

"Mr. Aaron, the president wants to see you."

"I won't have a long conversation with my aunt. You can come upstairs with me," Aaron told Wanda.

It was not a question. The security guard was going to object but Aaron stopped him with his eyes. He seemed to be determined to take Wanda upstairs with him.

Yara wasn't surprised to see Wanda with Aaron. She ignored her and focused on him. "Aaron, if you don't have anything else to do these days, you had better not come to the casino."

Wanda found that Yara's attitude towards Aaron was different from the one she displayed towards Quincy. She was polite with Aaron but more casual with Quincy. In Wanda's view, that kind of politeness was more like alienation.

Aaron casually sat down in the chair next to Yara and answered calmly, "People out there believe that Quincy is the person in charge of No.3 Mansion. No one knows that he has a younger brother. Aunt, don't worry. No matter what he does, I won't be implicated. I don't have to give up my freedom just because he gets into trouble."

"This is different from before..." Shooting a glance at Wanda, Yara sighed, "Anyway, listen to me..."

"Should I listen to you? Was it not because I listened to you that I now have to live in that forest and interact with wild animals all day long? Oh, I'm just exaggerating. There are no wild beasts in South Sea City." There was mockery in Aaron's tone. He smiled at Yara. "Aunt, you can favor Quincy if you want, but you have no right to be harsh on me. Do you understand?"

Before Yara could answer, Aaron said, "If that'll be all, I'll leave now. And by the way, I asked Wanda to come have a drink with me. I'll include that in her services and tip her appropriately. And I promise that I'll send her back before work hours are over."

"Master, I..."

"My aunt is a reasonable person. She won't say no. Let's go." Aaron interrupted Wanda and dragged her away.

It was not until they were out of the door that she broke away from his hold. "Mr. Aaron, I don't know what kind of feud you have with your brother and your aunt, but I believe that whatever they are doing is for your good. Have you ever thought that she would be upset because of your attitude towards her? I know I'm just an employee here and I don't have the right to say anything to you. But seeing you treat my master like that just now, I'm obliged to say that I think you went too far."

"It's alright. Don't be upset by these trifles. Come, I'll take you somewhere interesting." Aaron looked down at Wanda's leg. "Oh no! Is my kitten's paw hurt? How could you have been so careless to get injured?"

Seeing that he looked worried, Wanda couldn't help sighing. If only he would treat his relatives with compassion like he treated her, Quincy and Yara might feel more comforted.

"My leg is fine. I should be able to walk normally in a few days." Of course, the wound was not going to heal that fast but she couldn't bear to see him so bothered about her. "Didn't you say that you wanted to get a drink? The coffee here is good. The best thing about No.3 Mansion is that it has everything you want."

"No, thanks. I said that I had somewhere interesting to take you, didn't I?" Aaron playfully winked at her and helped her get in the car.

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