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   Chapter 28 Impulsive

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Looking at Dina, Wanda said with an awkward smile, "You know, my relationship with Mr. Qin is not the kind you think it is. I only came to work at the No.3 Mansion to pay off my family's debt to him. My uncle owes him around five million dollars, which is a lot. He only helped me for his own sake and nothing else."

With a surprised expression, Dina asked, "So that's it? I was actually wondering how you got involved with a man coming from a completely different world from yours. Although five million might seem like an enormous amount of money to ordinary people, it is nothing to us. Why is Quincy so keen about a small amount of five million dollars? That is not enough to make him fight John the way he did. Don't you get it? The reason behind Quincy's success is his instinct to fight, not his kindness."

"Hmm... Dee, could you stop the car, please?" Wanda yelled anxiously.

Dina had her eyes glued to the road ahead as she said, "We've almost reached my home. What are you doing?"

"Just stop the car, please," Wanda urged.

Dina ordered the driver to stop the car. Before the car even stopped, Wanda jumped out of it, hailed a taxi, and left.

Staring at the taxi driving away, Dina was puzzled. 'Did she forget something important? Why is she leaving in such a hurry? Is she stupid?' she wondered. Just when Dina was about to call Quincy to report the situation to him, her phone rang. She looked at the caller ID and answered, "Sometimes, I really wonder if you are my dad, you know? Yeah, I hit the man, so what? Did he really dare to come to our home? I'll be there soon, just wait for me!"

After disconnecting the call, she said to the driver, "Step on it!"

Meanwhile, Wanda reached Quincy's house and headed straight to the study room. Quincy was standing by the window, looking outside with a calm expression when he heard her footsteps. "Didn't you leave with Dina?" he asked coldly.

Wanda heaved a sigh and replied, "I did, but I was afraid that you would take advantage of my absence to deduct my salary, so I decided to stick with you until I pay off my debt."

Quincy stared at her with a playful expression, but didn't say a word. "It's almost time for lunch, let me make you some food," Wanda said, looking at the clock.

She then turned around and walked downstairs.

Wanda did not know the reason why she had jumped out of Dina's car so impulsively. Although she was well aware that being with Quincy would only put her in danger, she still could not help it. The only thing that bothered her was that Quincy was also in danger. The attackers could hurt him any time, so she felt that she could not leave him alone at a time like this.

It was around noon when Wanda finished preparing lunch and laid the table. To her surprise, Yara walked into the house all of a sudden. Quincy had been hiding the fact that he'd gotten shot during a fight from Yara, as he knew that she would be worried if she came to know of it. Seeing her, Wanda was afraid that she might learn the truth of the situation.

"Master, why are you here? I just made lunch. Come on, let's eat together,"

Wanda said in a loud voice to alert Quincy, who was upstairs. With a frown, Yara looked at her and asked, "Are you all right? When Quincy told me you were her

e, I didn't believe him in the beginning. When you went missing from the Mansion, I sent my men all over the city to look for you."

"It was all because of a misunderstanding. Everything is sorted now.

Mr. Qin asked me to take care of him for a few days to make up for the salary I lost because of the few days' leave that I took," Wanda explained frantically.

"Why are you so afraid of me? I don't think that there's something going on between you and my nephew." That moment, Quincy walked downstairs. Yara looked at him with a smile and said, "You seem to be in better spirits today. There's a certain energy radiating from within you. I haven't seen you for several days, Quincy. You made me worry about you. What happened?" She then turned and looked at Wanda.

Wanda immediately hung her head, feeling awkward.

Quincy walked over to them with a smile and said, "You're so nice to come and visit me, Aunt Yara."

Looking into his eyes, Yara quickly grabbed his arm, but Wanda pulled him aside and said, "Master, I have already made us lunch. Why don't we all talk while we eat? Or else, the food will get cold."

Although Yara noticed Quincy's paled expression, she said with a smile, "You must be a great cook to keep Quincy grounded at home. I can't wait to try out your cooking."

With a nervous expression, Wanda glanced at Quincy. 'Since he got shot in the arm recently, my master holding his arm must have been painful, right?' she thought to herself.

After taking a bite of the food, Yara casually said, "Although I seldom get involved in the No.3 Mansion's affairs, that doesn't mean that I don't know what's going on. I heard what happened to you in Rose City. Did you really think that I wouldn't find out if you sent the servants away? Don't forget the promise you made to your mother, Quincy!"

"I knew that you're way too smart to be fooled like that, Aunt Yara. I wouldn't dare to hide anything from you. I just didn't want you to be worried about me, okay?" Quincy replied with a grin.

Wanda realized that Quincy seemed a lot more relaxed around Yara, unlike his usual self.

Yara placed her chopsticks on the table and said coldly, "I watched you grow up, Quincy. Do you really think that I won't know what you're thinking about? You were hurt. Do you think it is that easy to deal with the killers if they come after you? If something really happens to you, how am I supposed to explain it to your dad?"

Quincy grinned at her and said, "Aunt Yara, I took over the family business when I was just fourteen. Do you think that I lack experience? Besides, what are you even worried about?"

"I am concerned because this time is nothing like before. It's the first time we don't know who our enemy is! If you don't even know them, how are you going to fight them? Come home with me. Let's talk to the others and find a solution together, okay?" Yara said in a low voice.

"If we act rashly, we'll alert the enemy, Aunt Yara. Don't worry, I am not as impulsive as I used to be. I have grown calmer as I grew older. I think a lot before I act now. Besides, they can't lay a finger on me as long as I am in South Sea City. By the way, isn't Wanda a great apprentice? Why don't you take her with you when you leave?" Quincy said with a smile.

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