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   Chapter 27 A Surprise

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The moment Quincy heard Dina mention Wanda, he quickly said, "Actually, I have something that I want to discuss with you."

"I have known you for years, Quincy. I know exactly what you want to say, so don't fret." After saying that, Dina ran downstairs and called out to Wanda.

Wanda's eyelids felt heavy as she struggled to gather her energy. Upon hearing Dina calling her name, she quickly sat up and asked, "Are you done? Is everything all right?"

"Everything is fine. I already told Quincy that you're on leave today, so I am taking you to my place. You've hurt your leg and yet he treats you like you're his maid. I really can't stand it. Besides, the servants will be here any time now, so they'll take care of him. You come with me and let me take care of you," Dina said with a smile.

"That's not necessary. My leg is almost healed. Besides, I need to get to work real soon. That way, I can make a lot of money. I'll even get a thousand dollars' worth of tips if I work hard enough," Wanda explained, afraid that Dina might misunderstand her.

"You don't even have any clothes here. Are you sure that you want to walk around wearing his clothes?" Dina asked. She then grabbed a fresh set of clothes from her bag and handed it to Wanda. "I can see that you're still wearing your uniform from the day of the accident. This is a new outfit that I just bought yesterday and I am sure that it will fit you, so why don't you go and get changed already?"

After looking at the outfit, Wanda replied, "Miss Dina, you don't have to be nice to me. Anyway, I don't blame you for what happened that day."

"Please stop calling me 'Miss Dina,' it sounds weird to hear you call me that. You're coming to my place to rest. Once you're better, I will take you to the No.3 Mansion to work, okay?" Dina asked, and then pulled Wanda's arm. Just when they were about to turn around, Wanda caught a glimpse of Quincy's back.

"What about Mr. Qin?" she asked. It was true that Quincy tortured her day and night with tiring work. However, Dina wasn't exactly a friend, so she thought that it would be rude to depend on her.

"Don't worry, he is not going to die," Dina retorted.

Without arguing any further, Wanda quickly got into Dina's car. On their way, she kept looking at Dina, thinking that even though she had only met her a few times, she could still understand the kind of person she was. When Dina entered Quincy's house just now, she had rushed upstairs without even greeting Wanda.

Thinking of that, Wanda felt that something was strange.

"Miss Dina..."

"Please, call me Dee or Dina. Although we don't know each other that well, I still consider you as a friend," Dina replied.

"All right, then. What's going on, Dee? I could almost feel the anxiety radiating from inside you. As soon as you were done talking to Mr. Qin, you instantly dragged me out of there. Was that because...?" Wanda asked.

"In our line of work, it is not uncommon to prepare our loved ones for the time our enemies come to get their revenge. As you can see, Quincy is a very powerful man, who is also infamous for various wrongdoings. Everyone wants to get their hands on him, but they're also terrified of him. He didn't acquire all this power over one night. He had to fight for it, putting his life on the line every time. Since he has done so many things to get to where he is now, he should be prepared to face the consequences of his actions."

After Wanda heard Dina's words, her doubts about whether Quincy's life was in danger began to clear up. "Does this have something to do with John?" she asked.

"If it was only him, then this would be a piece of cake." Saying that, Dina paused and thought for a while. Her forehead creased as she suddenly turned to Wanda and asked, "Why are you so interested in Quincy's affairs, anyway? Are you in love with him?"

"Of course not! I've heard from Seif that even though Mr. Qin and John want each other dead, they would never act hastily or dishonorably. However, John was humiliated because of me, and that's the reason he is so hell-bent on getting his revenge. Hence, he must have joined forces with Mr. Qin's enemies to get what he wants," Wanda said with a serious expression.

"You're right, but that's just one of the reasons. It is impossible for John to deal with Quincy single-handedly. Some others want Quincy dead, and he just grabbed this perfect opportunity to get his revenge. However, you need to trust Quincy. He always finds a way to deal with his problems." Dina smiled reassuringly.

"Since you guys are so close, why don't you help him?" Wanda asked. She had heard Dina mention "some others", so she figured that this new group of people was the reason John felt that he could openly go against Quincy.

"That's not simple. Even in this line of business, we have to follow rules. You're nothing like us, Wanda. In fact, I envy that your hands are so clean. You'd better not get involved in our affairs, or it might put you in danger. Just do your work and be a good escort. I heard that you learned the skill from Aunt Yara. If you keep up the good work, maybe you can become the next president," Dina said with a frown.

"Take me to the No.3 Mansion, Dee," Wanda said.

"No way! John's men are looking for you all over the city. If you go there now, it will be like you're walking right into the lion's den."

Although Wanda was shocked by her response, she quickly composed herself and said, "My master and Mr. Qin told me that John would not want to deal with a nobody like me. Besides, like you said, wouldn't he be more focused on dealing with Mr. Qin instead?"

"The only problem is that John thinks he can defeat Quincy if he gets to you first. Since people now know that Quincy broke into John's casino by himself for the sake of one woman, they're starting to suspect that she is his girlfriend."

"Please don't say that. We are not together, Dee. Moreover, Mr. Qin went to John's place only to stir up trouble. He just took me along to prove to John that he wouldn't be easily bullied by the likes of him," Wanda explained.

"Was that what he had told you? Looks like the rumors of Quincy treating you differently were true, after all," Dina replied.

Puzzled, Wanda looked at her and asked, "Why do you think so?"

With a serious look, Dina turned to Wanda and said, "Listen, I already told you that there were rules in this line of work, right? Although Quincy might have taken you along to prove that he won't submit to his bullying, he also intended to let him know that you are his woman and that John can't hurt you while he is alive. If you weren't someone that he values, he wouldn't have taken such great effort just to prove his point. There was no need for him to go to such great lengths just to humiliate John. However... I never expected him to do such a thing in the first place."

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