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   Chapter 25 What A Coincidence

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When Wanda came out of the bathroom, she was wearing one of Quincy's shirts. After pondering for a while, she found another overcoat to wrap herself up, making her feel a little safe.

Then, she heard a woman's voice downstairs. She had the sudden urge to hide as if she was some thief. 'Oh, my God! Is she Quincy's girlfriend?' she thought. If people saw her dressed like this, they might misunderstand her.

But her clothes were already washed at the moment. It seemed that her only option was to hide upstairs in the meantime.

When Quincy came back upstairs, he noticed the uniform hanging by the window. Never had there been clothes that were still dripping on his balcony before. He had seen that uniform a thousand times, but it was the first time he appreciated how beautiful it looked, especially when Wanda wore it.

Dina turned around and glanced at Quincy. The latter seemed to be staring at something, but Dina couldn't see what it was. She pushed him and asked, "What are you looking at? Where is the person I asked you about anyway?"

After Quincy pointed at the door, Dina opened it and saw Wanda covering her eyes for some reason. She had always been carefree. Looking at the girl in front of her, Dina had no clue what Wanda was trying to accomplish by covering her eyes. Confused, she asked, "Do you think I can't see you if you cover your eyes like that? It looks like you've already recovered a bit."

Wanda was shocked. She uncovered her eyes and looked at Dina. Then, she let out a shrill scream and hid behind Quincy.

Awkwardly, Dina smiled. "Calm down. I came here today to apologize to you. I'm really sorry. That day, my stupid men didn't notice that you were wearing the No. 3 Mansion's uniform. They were just trying to help me vent out my anger. You don't know. That bastard... Well, never mind that. Let me see how you are doing. Do you need to go to the hospital again?"

"No, it's alright. I am okay." From behind Quincy, Wanda poked her head out to look at Dina. When Quincy's phone rang, he immediately went to the study room next door and left the two girls alone. Dina helped Wanda sit down and noticed that her hair was wet.

"How could you take a shower?" Surprised, Dina looked at Wanda. "Don't you know that since your leg is injured, it can't get wet? Next time, don't forget to ask me for help. That's what I should do."

Wanda's mouth twitched, and she smiled awkwardly. "No, thanks. I've wrapped the wound well when I was taking the shower, and it didn't get wet at all."

"Miss Wanda, I swear to you that I was just really careless that day," Dina explained as soon as she saw the uneasiness on Wanda's face.

"I know. I'm really okay. I don't blame you. It was just a misunderstanding."

With her feet crossed on the sofa, Dina looked at her and muttered, "It was really a coincidence that night. You appeared at that place at that time. Were you following someone?"

"That night at the casino, I saw a few people sneaking around, so I followed them out to check them out. But I didn't expect you would be fighting. I wanted to leave at that time, but I was too late, and your people found me. But I know that it wasn't their intention to hurt me. Let bygones be bygones. Don't worry about it. By the way, you... Do you know Mr. Qin?"

"Me and him? Yes, of course, I know him. We've known each other since childhood. When we were children, we fought a lot. He was often not strong enough, so I would always beat hi

m up. But now..." Dina quickly covered her mouth and continued, "Ah, well. Forget it. Let's not talk about these trifle matters. But you know, there are many guards in that casino. Do you really think they take the money for nothing? They recognized my men, so they didn't interfere."

"Actually...He cheated on you. Why did you still—" Wanda stopped and looked at Dina perceptively. She had short hair and looked gorgeous.

"He can love someone else, but he should tell me, don't you think? If that girl didn't tell me about it, I would still be kept in the dark. Forget it. You and Mr. Qin... " Smiling, Dina narrowed her eyes. She pointed up and down and asked sheepishly, "Is it because of my mistake that you two ended up together?"

"What?" Blushing, Wanda waved her hand dismissively. "Oh, please don't get us wrong. I have nothing to do with him. He is—"

"You've already seen her. It's time for you to leave."

Before Wanda could finish her sentence, Quincy walked in and interrupted them. He gave Wanda a cold stare. 'What on earth is wrong with him this time?' Wanda asked herself. 'Why is he so angry with me?'

"Mr. Qin, don't worry so much. I am not interested in women at all. I won't do anything that would make me feel guilty for the rest of my life. I just cannot rest until I am sure that Wanda's leg has recovered. If it doesn't, that just means I have to take care of her for as long as it needs. So, I'll come over again tomorrow. Have a good rest, Wanda." Dina stood up and waved at the injured woman.

"I heard that Mr. Qin took a woman home from the hospital, so I came here to check her out. What a coincidence. But you have a good taste this time," declared Dina with a teasing smile as she passed by Quincy.

Wanda's face turned as red as a tomato. She wanted to explain herself to Dina, but she heard Quincy whisper to Dina, "I have always had a good taste. Not everyone is the same as you. When you see someone good-looking, you immediately forget everything, even your father's surname."

"My father's surname is Bai."

"It's good that you still remember it. Take care. I won't see you off!"

"Humph!" Dina snorted and then turned to Wanda, saying, "I'll buy you delicious food tomorrow."

Once Dina left, the room suddenly felt suffocating because there were just two people left. Slowly, Quincy walked in and sat down next to Wanda. She pulled down her clothes and said, "Are you and Miss Dina close?"

Raising a brow, Quincy murmured, "Miss Dina? Wow. I almost forgot that Dina is a woman if you didn't remind me. Anyway, I heard that you only went out because you noticed some suspicious people sneaking around the casino? Were you worried that it might be John's people?"

"I know you said that it had nothing to do with me, but I would still feel bad if I didn't do anything." Wanda didn't object to his statement. "Besides, I'm terrified of what he might do to my family."

"Your family? You consider the man who sold you to pay off his debt to be your family?"

"You know nothing!" Disliking his tone, Wanda couldn't help but raise her voice. Quincy's words hit a nerve and hurt her deeply. With red eyes, she looked at him and screamed, "People born with a silver spoon in their mouths like you would never understand our struggles. When you are homeless, you will do anything for the person who gives you a bowl of rice to eat and a bed to sleep in. If it weren't for my uncle, I would have died twenty years ago."

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