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   Chapter 24 I Won't Run Away

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After she went out, Wanda cursed Quincy in her heart ten thousand times.

After receiving Quincy's hint, Seif said in a low voice, "Mr. Qin, our people have found out that the assassin who came from another city has escaped to South Sea City. Aside from John, I can't think of anyone else who would dare to cover them up in South Sea City."

Quincy didn't respond.

Seif continued, "Mr. Qin, we have maintained peace with them for a very long time, but John is ruthless now. Will he..."

Quincy interrupted him. "Why are you hiding outside? Come in!"

Seif stepped to the door in a hurry. As soon as he swung the door open, he saw Wanda standing at the door with a pale face. Under Quincy's steely gaze, Wanda mumbled, "I... I just wanted to say... I don't know how to use all those machines... in your kitchen..."

"Keep following them. Report to me immediately if anything happens. Don't alert the enemy," Quincy ordered Seif.

"Yes, Mr. Qin." Seif's eyes darkened as he walked past Wanda.

She lowered her head sheepishly and stepped aside.

As Seif left, Wanda walked timidly to Quincy's side and asked in a low voice, "Is it because of me..?"

"Don't think too highly of yourself." Pulling his sleeves down, Quincy studied her. "Someone must have told you that I was John's mortal enemy, right?" he asked.

Wanda nodded hesitantly before turning to go downstairs. She felt Quincy trailing behind her. She looked back at him questioningly, but he breezed by her. "Didn't you say that you don't know how to use them? Come on, let me show you."

Wanda gazed at Quincy's back, pursing her lips. He had gotten injured this time because of that assassin, who now seemed connected to John. It was evident that they had been deadly enemies before, but they had had peace for some time because of their way of checks and balances.

Her appearance, however, had torn the delicate, paper-like barrier between them. She asked abruptly, "You didn't take me to the place of John that day to threaten him, did you? You were protecting me, weren't you? Maybe he's angry because of that, and now he wants to deal with you through that killer?"

"Well, didn't you say that I caused you more trouble? You don't really have a firm stand."

Wanda followed Quincy into the kitchen. He walked around and spread out his hands. "What a coincidence! I don't know how to cook with these, either."

The corners of Wanda's mouth twitched.

If he couldn't use anything, why did he ask all the servants to leave? Wanda moved towards him and bent down to study a machine. With a disdainful look at her, Quincy asked, "Can't you order take out?"

"There are so many ingredients in the fridge. Wouldn't it be wasteful to order take out?" Wanda replied, not looking at him. She studied the kitchen utensils carefully.

It didn't take long until Quincy fell fast asleep on the sofa. An hour later, Wanda took out three dishes and the pot of soup she made, quickly setting them on the table. She turned her head and looked at him. Quincy's lips were twisted into a tight frown as he slept. He was actually rather handsome when he didn't speak or open his eyes.

Wanda paused. It didn't matter to her whether he looked good or not. This man was always risking his life and threatening others. He was a demon that killed peopl

e without blinking an eye. They fought their battles with guns. It only reminded her to pay the debt as soon as possible and leave this terrifying devil of a person. Quincy opened his eyes in a daze as Wanda gently shook him awake. He smelled the fragrance of the food and quickly staggered to the table.

Wanda frowned when she saw the strange limp in his step.

"Wow, not bad. How did you cook so many dishes in such a short time?" Quincy shoved a spoonful into his mouth and nodded with satisfaction. "It tastes good."

Wanda turned to look at the man beside her and noticed his reddening face. She couldn't help reaching out her hand to touch his forehead and exclaimed, "Do you have a fever?"

"You have to eat even if you have a fever," Quincy said with an indifferent look on his face.

Wanda hurriedly took his gauze off. She didn't look at it carefully until now, and she found that it was inflamed. "The doctor told you that you couldn't leave the hospital. Your condition is this severe, and you just didn't listen to him." She chattered and paced around the room, looking for something. Wanda whirled around at Quincy, who had a playful twinkle in his eyes. She asked impatiently, "Where is your medicine box?"

"Don't have one," he quipped.

"No? How could you not have a medicine box?" In her mind, a bloodthirsty person like Quincy would surely have a medicine box at home.

"If I got this hurt often, I'm afraid I would have died a long time ago. Not everyone has the chance to get close to me."

"Should I feel honored by that?" Wanda rolled her eyes at him and ran upstairs, taking all the medicine prescribed by the doctor down. With nervous but careful hands, she cleaned his wound. "This medicine is useless. I'll have to go out and buy some more. My uncle was injured quite a lot before. I know which medicine is useful."

Looking at her determined expression, Quincy smiled. "Shouldn't you wish for my death? I am your biggest creditor now. The sooner I die, the sooner you will be relieved."

After a pause, she glanced up at him. "I'm afraid that if you die by my side, your men will stamp me and feed me to the dogs. Don't worry. I won't run away." With that, she spun on her heel and ran out.

Quincy put down the bowl and chopsticks in silence as he watched her retreating figure. His head was starting to feel much heavier compared to the rest of his body.

Some time had passed when Quincy felt a cold hand on his forehead, relaxing him greatly. Blearily, he opened his eyes. Wanda was anxiously peering down at him and calling his name repeatedly. "Do you think I'm deaf?" Once more, he closed his eyelids, and drifted away from consciousness.

When Quincy woke up again, he found that Wanda had fallen asleep beside him. He took off the ice bag on his head and frowned at the childish cartoon pattern on it.

Feeling Quincy's movement next to her, Wanda immediately opened her eyes and bolted up. She reached out her hand to touch his forehead. Her hand was icy, yet very soft, with a hint of sweet fragrance.

"Well, your fever is finally gone." Wanda breathed a sigh of relief, her shoulders relaxing.

"Your hand is so cold. Shouldn't you be wearing at least one more coat?" Quincy's gaze dropped down to Wanda's No.3 Mansion uniform as soon as he said that.

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