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   Chapter 23 Change The Dressing For Me

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"I..." Wanda was so furious that she averted her gaze. Before she met Quincy, she was a law-abiding citizen. She didn't do any criminal acts and was even frugal. She would do good things to the best of her ability. How could someone beat her up for no good reason? In fact, she knew that this matter was likely to be a misunderstanding; she was innocent. But Quincy was strongly implying that she got injured because she caused trouble outside. She couldn't help but feel hurt by his assumption.

"I heard that you've missed work for four days, is that right?"

"What? Mr. Qin, are you blind?" Pointing at the wounds all over her body, Wanda snapped, "I just said that I wanted to formally ask for a leave, but I didn't have your phone number. Besides, I left my phone at the casino. Did you think that I would miss work without any valid excuse?"

"Well, I doubt you can leave the hospital anytime soon, right? So, I will give you three more days, which means you ask for a seven-day leave, so might as well make the most of it. I won't calculate the losses that the casino incurred during your absence. If you don't want me to deduct your salary, then you're going to have to take care of me until I recover once you leave the hospital."

Wanda, who was about to protest, quickly shut her lips as soon as she heard that he would not deduct anything from her salary.

When he saw how angry Wanda was but didn't dare say a word, Quincy couldn't help but smirk. It was boring at first, but seeing her appearance, he didn't feel as bored anymore. He didn't even realize that he was in a good mood when he found out that Wanda didn't actually run away but was actually just injured at the hospital.

Three days later, Wanda went back home with Quincy. In her opinion, his home should look similar to Aaron's and her master Yara's. Or it should be in a slightly remote place, at least. She didn't expect that Quincy lived in a villa district.

Until today, she only heard of this place from other people. She had never thought that she would be able to enter this villa district in her lifetime.

This was a newly built villa district, which was currently the only one in South Sea City; it was called the Noble Clan. It was not surprising that such a place would have such a pretentious name, but the only people who could buy buildings in this villa district were rich and noble. He was just a gangster. How could he be as refined as those rich people?

This villa district was close to the mountains and rivers. It was the most beautiful place in the South Sea City, and also the most expensive place at the moment.

"Are you done staring?" Sitting in the wheelchair, Quincy raised his eyebrow and ordered coldly, "Help me in."

"Mr. Qin, what happened to you?"

Upon seeing the servant suddenly walk out of the room, Wanda froze. She was the one with an injured leg. Wanda had to rely on her crutch just to walk about. On the other hand, Quincy only suffered a slight arm injury. Even if his arm was fractured, it was highly unlikely that he wouldn't be able to walk, right?

"I'm fine," he replied to the servant. "Anyway, did you hear what I just said?" Quincy casually asked Wanda.

Biting her lips, Wanda walked to his side and reached out to support him. Quincy immediately put all his weight on her body. She was so oblivious that she almost fell to the ground with him. With a wince, Quincy grabbed hold of her waist to balance the two of them.

Wanda hurried to help him walk inside and whispered, "You are a person who always likes to fight and kill. It's just a small injury. Why are you making it a big de


"What are you talking about?" Displeased, Quincy turned to look at her.

Wanda met his eyes, and she couldn't help but cower at his intense gaze. She felt as small as an ant. In a panic, she quickly lowered her gaze, and meekly said, "I didn't say anything. Perhaps it was just your imagination."

"Help me to my room and change my bandages for me."

Trembling, Wanda uttered in a low voice, "Do you really think of me as nothing but your servant? Mr. Qin, as you can see, my movements are limited too. Shouldn't you be more considerate of your employees?"

"Why? Do you use your feet when you change my bandages?"

Angrily, Wanda just glared at the man but eventually followed him upstairs. Quincy turned around to look at the servant who had been nervously following him. "Starting today, all of you are on vacation leave," he stated.

"Yes, sir." Even though the servant was still concerned, he dared not to go against Quincy's demands. He turned around and headed downstairs.

Standing still, Wanda turned around and noticed that the servants downstairs were slowly walking out. Gulping nervously, she looked at Quincy with a defensive expression.

"What are you staring at?" Quincy pointed to his room, but before he could say anything, his phone suddenly rang. Smiling, he fished out his phone from his pocket and answered it without even looking at the caller ID. He immediately recognized Yara's voice on the other end of the line. He was getting reprimanded again. After she finished talking, he said, "Couldn't you have waited for me to tell you? Yes, I was injured." He dragged Wanda to his room and continued, "But it's really just a small bruise. Nothing to worry about."

Wanda rolled her eyes at him in disdain.

"I drove the servants away because I was afraid that you would just worry too much about me. But you knew that still. Anyway, I'm really okay, Aunt. You should just trust me. A woman? What do you mean by a woman? Oh, you mean Wanda? Yes, she is currently with me. She said that since I was hurt and that she owed me a lot of money, she decided to take care of me. Now, you should be relieved, right?"

After being nagged by Yara for a while, Quincy hung up the phone. At the same time, he wiped the sweat off of his forehead. Wanda carefully observed his actions. She couldn't help but feel funny. She didn't expect that Mr. Qin would have a soft side like that.

"What are you staring at? Just hurry up and change the dressing."

Wanda curled her lips and started to do as he said. When she removed the gauze, her eyes widened in shock. She covered her mouth immediately and looked at the wound. She couldn't help but tremble at the sight and feel lightheaded. No matter how stupid she was, she could still realize what had caused this injury.

"What are you thinking now? Did you hear what I said to my aunt?" Quincy looked at her with furrowed brows.

Wanda nodded immediately.

"Even though she looks calm, she actually worries a lot. I don't want to cause any more trouble just because of this." Quincy turned to meet Wanda's eyes, and the latter just nodded heavily again.

Her mind was a mess, and she didn't know what he meant, so nodding was the only response she could give him.

"Mr. Qin!"

With a worried look on his face, Seif appeared out of the door. Quincy glanced nonchalantly at him. It was not until Wanda finished changing the dressing for him that he said, "You can head downstairs and prepare dinner first."

"Me?" Wanda pointed at herself and asked, unsure if she was hearing him correctly.

Quincy raised an eyebrow and said, "Or is it me?"

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