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   Chapter 22 Happened To Meet Her

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"Mr. Qin, these are all the videos we've watched in the past couple of days. We've carefully watched them several times, but we didn't find anything wrong with this person..." a security guard muttered.

Taking a look at Quincy, Seif said in a low voice, "You go ahead with your own business."

"Yes, sir."

Seif sat down beside Quincy and murmured, "It seems that this person just had luck on his side. He didn't play any tricks. But for the past five days, he's won two million every day in our place. It looks like his plan is to leave as soon as he wins two million every day."

Staring at the screen, Quincy asked, "Have you found any other information regarding this person?"

"They said they had already checked it out. He is not a local. He arrived at Rose City a week ago and has been living in a hotel since."

The man in a suit and leather shoes on the screen suddenly looked at the camera's direction. He smirked confidently as if he knew that Quincy was looking at him through a screen.

"That's interesting. It seems that he came here for me. Hmm. Perhaps I'll meet up with him later."

Quincy walked to the man's side with two glasses of wine in his hands and sat down. The man turned to stare at him. Smiling, he stated, "I've been quite lucky these days. If you follow me, you won't lose."

"Thank you." After setting down the glass in front of the man, Quincy snapped his fingers, and Seif immediately walked over to them. Quincy took the cigar from Seif's hand, took a drag, and scoffed. He remarked, "You've worked for me for so many years, and yet still don't have a perceptive eye!"

Quincy then turned to look at the man and said casually, "My subordinate informed me that you were lucky enough to win so many times in a row in the past few days."

"In gambling, there is always a winner and a loser. But to be honest, I'm just really lucky these days." The man smiled. "It seems that you are the boss here, Mr. Qin. I gotta say, I expected you to come to me two days ago."

Seif took a look at Quincy instinctively. Mr. Qin was supposed to come here two days ago, but he was delayed because of Wanda.

"It has nothing to do with luck. As long as you have great technique with changing the cards, even those with the worse luck can win," explained Quincy with a small smile.

Hearing that, Seif raised his hand immediately. The casino's security guards surrounded them, and all the customers in the casino stood aside, looking at them curiously. Someone even whispered, "It's impossible, right? How dare someone cheat at Mr. Qin's casino?"

Feigning confusion, the strange man from another city furrowed his brows at Quincy. He asked, "Are customers forbidden to win in the casinos in Rose City? I'm just an experienced gambler. Do you really think I'm cheating? What is the rule here?"

"If you play fairly, you can win no matter how much money you want. But if you dare to play tricks right under my nose, I want you out of my casino!" When Quincy said this, he had a cold and bloodthirsty smile on his face. "That is the rule!" he announced. With two cards in his hands, Quincy moved his fingers in front of the man. When the cards appeared again, they were two totally different cards.

"Don't be angry, Mr. Qin. It was so boring. I've been playing here for several days, but no one is as perceptive as you. It's honestly quite a pity."

Hearing this man's words, Seif opened his mouth in shock. How could the man admit that he cheated in front of Mr. Qin?

At this moment, the man suddenly made a move towards Quincy. Immediately, Seif shouted

, "Protect Mr. Qin!"

Then, several of the strange man's companions rushed out from the crowd. They were all ruthless and fierce. It was evident that these men were well-trained killers. They were not ordinary people who just came there to cause trouble. Seif didn't take their actions lightly and kept close to Quincy's side.

At this moment, someone pointed a pistol at Quincy. Just as when Seif was to move to block it, two people suddenly held him back. Quincy was also trapped by two people. His face did not change. He grabbed a person to block the bullet with, but the person moved away in a split second, and the bullet directly hit his arm.

The casino's customers were quickly evacuated from the building, and all the subordinates of Quincy rushed over. The man looked at Quincy with a smirk and stated, "Let's call it a day. The game between us has just begun."

Seif took out a dagger from his waist and moved to stab the man. They wrestled together. Quincy covered the wound with his hand in an attempt to stop the bleeding. Upon seeing that Seif was at a disadvantage as he fought with the man, Quincy seized the opportunity to grab the gun from a person beside him. He shot at the man fighting against Seif.

While lying in the hospital bed, Quincy received the news from Yara that Wanda was missing.

'Did she run away again?

Damn it!'

When Seif came in to visit him, he saw that Quincy was taking the needle out of his body. He hurried over and informed him, "Mr. Qin, the doctor said that you lost too much blood. You need to stay at the hospital for a few days and get some rest. We have sent all of our men to find that person. In the meantime, you should stay here and recuperate."

"When did my No.3 Mansion become a place where people can just come and go as they please?" Quincy questioned coldly.

Seif didn't know what had happened.

"Never mind that. Just find that person as soon as possible for me."

"Yes, Mr. Qin."

After Seif walked away, Quincy glanced at the gauze on his arm and sighed deeply. He couldn't go back home looking like this. If his aunt saw him, she would just fret excessively. Just then, he turned around and looked out of the window. His eyes widened when he recognized a familiar figure. It was Wanda.

She looked lonely as she sat under the tree. Quincy squinted his eyes, noticing the bandages all over her body, which concerned him. In a deep voice, he ordered the nurse, "Call her in."

"Yes, sir," the nurse said obediently and nodded.

No wonder his aunt said that Wanda couldn't be found everywhere. He thought that she ran away because he hadn't helped her out and she was afraid that John would retaliate.

Not long after, a nurse pushed Wanda over. Seeing that Quincy was injured, Wanda opened her mouth in shock but quickly recovered. Frowning, Quincy asked in a cold tone, "Who did this to you?"

Shrugging, she answered, "I don't know." As she said that, Wanda lowered her head to avoid his gaze and pressed her lips in a thin line. "I wanted to ask for a leave, but I didn't have your phone number."

"Do you want my phone number?" Turning around to glance at the nurse next to him, Quincy asked nonchalantly, "How's her injury?"

"Miss Wanda's right leg is slightly fractured, but the rest are just minor bruises. She will be discharged in a few days."

Waving his hand, Quincy let the nurse out. He raised his eyebrows and looked at Wanda. "I heard that you disappeared while at work. In other words, someone did this to you while you were at No. 3 Mansion? Tell me, who did you offend again?"

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