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   Chapter 21 An Accidental Hospitalization

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"Help me pack up. We'll go back to No.3 Mansion together."

"What?" Wanda looked at Yara in disbelief.

"Is that so difficult to believe? Have you forgotten that I'm Quincy's aunt and the president of No.3 Mansion? Is it really that peculiar for me to pay a visit?"

"Master..." Wanda whispered, as she hurriedly helped Yara with packing. Wanda looked behind her before finishing her sentence. "How is Aaron and Quincy's relationship?"

Yara was pleasantly surprised to hear Aaron's name. "Oh? You know Aaron too, huh?" It was only natural for Wanda to meet Quincy's brother. She continued packing and said, "In that case, you better be more careful. After all, he..." Yara momentarily stopped talking and turned to give a smile towards Wanda. The lady then said, "You'll know soon enough." Taking the conversation to another direction, the lady said, "I'm almost done packing. I'll only be there for a couple of days. No need to bring too many things, right?"

"Master, everyone in the mansion looks up to you. The other girls will surely be delighted!" Wanda said in excitement.

Yara turned to look at her and stood straight up. "Quincy has told me about the whole John thing. Since he'll be gone for a few days, Quincy asked me to look over the mansion in the meantime."

"Is that so? Why didn't he ask Aaron instead?"

"You'd better not know too much. That'll be for your own good."

Wanda nodded in agreement. The girl knew that her questions could truly put her on danger. She then apologetically said, "Master, is it because of me that John has the chance to deal with Mr. Qin? What can I do to make up for my actions?"

"Don't worry. John would not be here as often as you think. These conflicts happen all the time. Unfortunately for you, you got involved this time. Courtesy demands reciprocity. Quincy has just given him three million. If John is smart, he would stop the conflict there. Sadly, that man lacks the smarts to comprehend Quincy's pleasant gestures."

Once Yara finished talking, she immediately summoned their driver. Wanda couldn't help but worry throughout their trip to No. 3 Mansion. The girl was not confident that Yara could pacify John as well as Quincy did. She thought it was all her fault. She hadn't dealt with John well in the beginning.

Yara smiled and turned towards Wanda. The lady said, "Weren't you just mad at Quincy earlier? And now you are worrying about his business? That's quite a turn!"

"I'm not worried about Mr. Qin at all. Much like John, he is rich and powerful. I'm worried about my family, master..." Wanda could not forget what Number Ten had told her. "And if it weren't for my failure in doing my job, John wouldn't have got a chance. But I really think I know what to do the next time such things happen!"

The following morning, Wanda got into her uniform and went straight to the casino. The girl was a little paranoid that day; she was afraid that John would return. Suddenly, the girl saw Charles rushing towards her. The gentleman then worriedly said, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Wanda did not make eye contact as she answered.

Charles thought Wanda was mad at him. 'Maybe because I failed to help her yesterday?' the man thought. Rather quickly, he guiltily said, "I'm sorry I was not able to help yesterday. I am also sorry that I got you into that situation. I should have stood up for


Wanda did not know how to respond to the gentleman. She simply chuckled as she glanced at Charles. The girl then said, "Don't be silly! There was nothing you could do that would make things better. It was only right to keep your distance from Mr. John."

At this time, Wanda suddenly saw a few people sitting at the table were looking around with a strange expression. She turned to Charles and softly said, "Mr. Charles, could you please look for another escort today? I have something urgent to deal with."

As soon as Wanda walked over, those people headed out. Secretly, Wanda followed them. She panicked when she saw the group drag a person out of the casino.

She heard a woman say, "How dare you cheat on me? It seems that you truly have a death wish! Teach him a lesson, men!"

Another group of people rushed into the commotion. Before long, a brawl sprawled out outside the No.3 Mansion. Wanda covered her mouth out of shock. It seemed it was just a false alarm. However, before she could completely leave the scene, one stranger dragged her out of the corner and started to beat her. "That bitch was hiding!"

"I am not part of this! You are making a mistake..." Wanda's shouts were drowned out by the commotion that was in front of her.

She felt too powerless to call for help. Her body felt like it had been broken to several pieces.

"Stop!" a woman commanded. She raised her hand, and everyone retreated. The woman then grabbed the beaten man on the chin. She cruelly said, "Open your eyes and watch this. How dare you cheat on me? From now on, I will break up with you!" The woman presented herself with utmost confidence.

"Dina, listen to me. I really didn't do anything... I did not do anything wrong! I swear..."

"Fuck! How dare you lie to me? I have all the evidence to prove your adultery. I was going to let you go nice and easy, but you've really pissed me off today. Listen up, men! Throw this man out of South Sea City. I never want to see him here ever again."

"Yes, madam!" One of the woman's subordinates dragged Wanda to her feet and asked, "What about this bitch?"

Dina turned around and recognized Wanda as an escort of No. 3 Mansion. "What the fuck?" she exclaimed Dina stepped forward and slapped her subordinate across the face. She then said, "Are you stupid? Why would you treat a woman of No.3 Mansion so badly? What are you looking at? Send her to hospital right now! Stupid!"

Wanda was immediately sent to the hospital. When she woke up, her leg was covered in plaster; her head and hands were wrapped with bandages. Her eyes reddened as she soon realized her situation.

A nurse came in and noticed she was awake. She worriedly asked, "How are you feeling?"

Wanda didn't want to say a word. She couldn't even begin to describe how she felt. Her luck couldn't be any worse. She was badly mistaken for some random man's mistress.

"We've already got your result. Aside from a fracture in the leg and some skin abrasions, you have nothing to worry about. It would be best if you stay in the hospital for the time being," the nurse said calmly. "Do you want to inform your family or friends?"

Wanda shook her head gently. She didn't have any friends or family. She simply ignored the nurse.

"You just stay here then. Your bill has already been taken care of." The nurse then turned around and left.

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