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   Chapter 20 Misunderstanding Deepened

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Wanda was a little wary on their way back. She checked Quincy from time to time, but the man wore the same grim expression all throughout the trip.

"If you have something, just speak it out!" Quincy said abruptly. He was half asleep and could feel Wanda wanted to say something but dared not.

"What you did back there would only infuriate John further. I was hoping to make amends with that man. I know that you are not terrified of that man, but I am. I'm afraid that your solution had only caused me more problems..." Wanda spoke to Quincy with utmost honesty.

Quincy slowly opened his eyes as he condescendingly said, "What are you really trying to say, Wanda?"

The corners of Wanda's mouth twitched; she did her best to keep silent. The girl was hoping that her boss could introduce her to John so that she would have the chance to apologize to him. Maybe then, John could truly forgive her. But instead they came to John's place and disrespected the man. At that point, Wanda knew that there was no conversation that could save her from John's retribution.

"I was only there to show you how I handle things. Whatever it is that happened between you and John, is really none of my business," Quincy continued coldly.

Wanda was utterly stunned.

"I simply returned the favor John showed us earlier today. He caused trouble in my place, so I did the same in his place," the man said further.

"Stop the car!" Wanda suddenly shouted. She just could not bear staying near him anymore. Ignoring Wanda's protest, Seif, who was driving, decided to keep his speed constant.

"Stop the care, Seif!" Quincy then said lightly. The car then stopped slowly and steadily. Wanda soon learned the car door was locked. Quincy turned to her and mockingly said, "Is this really the place you want to get off of this car?"

Wanda warily looked outside. They were in the middle of nowhere; there was not a single cab in sight. It was not wise to get off at that spot, but her pride told Wanda otherwise.

"Why would you bring me here if you did not intend to help me in the first place? Can't you see I'm in deep shit already? I never wanted to stroke a fight with John. But now, I just know that he'll get back at me. I've been trying to apologize to that man, you know? For the sake of my family, of course. What you did back there was not only selfish, but was also cruel," Wanda snapped.

"Few people dare to behave disrespectfully in my place, and John is one of them. Keep in mind that one of your responsibilities is never offending any guest though he is a bastard. You don't even know how to please the guests. How would you even manage to solve the trouble you are currently in? I delivered the wine he bought from me. I even left the money we made from gambling just now. Three million dollars is a decent amount of money! John is a smart man. I'm confident my message had been received," Quincy bragged.

"Maybe you are right! You thought you have delivered your warning to him that he shall never try to make trouble in your place and that he is not supposed to find fault with even an ordinary escort in your casino! He may not harm me in front of you, but what happens to me if you're not around? What awaits those I hold dear? Have you thought about that?" Wanda fired back.

"So you want me to protect every employee's family as well? You're crazy,"

Quincy said as he smirked at Wanda.

Wanda felt her eyes well up. The girl felt deeply betrayed. She saw how John looked at her. Wanda knew that the man would take her head off if he could. "I wouldn't strike a deal

with you if not for my family... If they'll be in grave danger either way, then staying with you would be pointless. Please open the door, Seif!"

"Drive, Seif," Quincy said broodingly.

"You! Don't be a jerk!" Wanda shouted angrily.

"My aunt is looking for you..." Quincy looked as if he was ready to rest his eyes again.

Hearing this, Wanda kept her silence. She could not believe Quincy's irrationality. Soon, Seif reported that they reached Yara's residence. Wanda quickly opened the door and walked out of the car.

Seif looked at Quincy from the rearview mirror. He knew that his boss actually took care of Wanda. Otherwise, he wouldn't have gone to John's casino today. Although Quincy's family and John's family were competitors for quite a few generations, John would not have declared war against Quincy openly. That was not decent, after all. The real reason Quincy went to that casino was to show John that he cared for Wanda.

Unfortunately, Wanda could not see Quincy's true intentions.

"Mr. Qin... Why didn't you tell Wanda the truth? "

"Her uncle had caused her to sell herself—not me! How can she get angry at me? I'm the man who gave her fortune!" Quincy sneered. He could not read the lady, even if he truly wanted. "Let's get going, Seif," the man said indifferently.

"Yes," Seif answered.

He smiled secretly. He could see that Quincy really cared for Wanda.

As Wanda walked in, Yara sulked and waited. "You were looking for me?" the girl meekly said.

Yara stared coldly at the girl and said, "I trained you, and people know that! How can you find yourself in such a fiasco. I'm ashamed to be associated with you, Wanda."

Yara seldom went to the casino. Wanda was shocked that the news reached her mentor. Apart from Quincy, she couldn't think of any other people who would have told Yara what happened in the No.3 Mansion today.

Yara was truly a cold and strict woman. She had done her best to teach Wanda. That old lady had passed all the tricks of the trade to Wanda, but that did not seem to be enough. Wanda lowered her head and softly said, "I'm sorry. I let you down again."

"Do you know what you did wrong?"

Wanda pursed her lips. She didn't know how to answer Yara's question. She was just an ordinary escort providing necessary service to the guests who came to gamble. She was simply following Charles' request at that time. John was the one who broke the rules. In Wanda's point of view, she did nothing wrong.

"You don't even know what you did wrong. Why are you apologizing to me then?" Yara sighed. "I've told you to remember the identity of every guest. John has always been the sworn enemy of your boss. He has always been out for trouble. Instead of clashing with him, you should've milked that bastard for his money. You should've milked him so hard that he'll never return to the mansion again. Wouldn't that be a win-win, dear Wanda?"

Wanda was stunned. She would have never thought of that solution.

"Don't forget that Quincy is your boss, and not those disrespectful bastards!"

As soon as Yara mentioned Quincy's name, Wanda felt her anger resurface. Wanda did not expect that Yara cared for her. After telling Yara what had just happened, the old lady was filled with worry and surprise. "I've embarrassed John for two times. I'm afraid he will cause trouble for my family," the girl said warily.

Looking on the bright side, Yara knew that Quincy treated Wanda differently. Quincy had once denied his fondness for Wanda. But at that time, Yara was certain that Wanda was really dear to her nephew.

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