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   Chapter 19 Follow The Rules

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Wanda's new acquaintance returned in less than ten minutes. She noticed the number 10 pinned on this girl's chest. No girl in that establishment was addressed with their names. Instead, they were assigned numbers.

"I'm changing out of this stupid uniform. Come with me?" the girl said politely.

Wanda followed her into the dressing room. She then scanned Wanda and scoffed as she learned Wanda's number—13. She then looked at Wanda condescendingly and said, "Thirteen, huh? You must be really unlucky."

"What's wrong with my number?" Wanda asked indifferently. She was not in the mood to contemplate about her assigned number. Although, it was somewhat strange that her number was ranked higher compared to other girls in the No. 3 Mansion. After all, she was one of the newest girls there.

"John, the man you've just had an incident with, is really infamous around this establishment. He always has the guts to come here, even though he and Mr. Qin have a serious conflict! He pays relatively well, and that may be the reason why he is still allowed to enjoy our service. Besides, John is quite an influential man here in the South Sea City. We can't afford to offend a guy like him. "

"But I didn't even mean to provoke him..." Wanda really wanted to reason with John, But Aaron had to overstep and had selflessly intruded. Wanda had admittedly lost control over the whole situation that transpired. She weakly explained, "Everything happened coincidentally. Right now, I'm just afraid that John would seek vengeance towards my family."

"That man would definitely spell trouble for your family. After all, he truly is vengeful and narrow-minded. But it's not too late yet, dear. Beg for his forgiveness, and maybe he would let your little incident slide." The woman faced Wanda as soon as she finished changing her clothes. "Don't go to Mr. Qin over these matters. Who do you think is more important to him, his employees or his customers?" the lady probingly told Wanda. No. 10 raised her eyebrows as she stared at Wanda. She was wearing casual clothes, but her tall and sexy figure looked pristine.

"So you think I'll be done for once I told Mr. Qin what transpired earlier?" asked Wanda.

The woman, No. 10, could not help but smile helplessly. She could not get over the fact that Wanda's assigned number was thirteen.

On the other hand, Aaron lazily leaned by the door when Wanda walked out of the dressing room. The man was delighted to see the girl once more. He said, "Everything was my fault. You do not need to worry about a thing, dear. I know I can get you out of trouble."

"Mr. Aaron, I don't really need your help. So why are you insisting on helping me? I'll be fine as long as John gets over what happened earlier," Wanda politely dismissed. Wanda flaunted a forced smile to mask the fear that she felt.

"Get over it? John? There is no way!" Aaron said in disbelief. Aaron crept closer and towered over Wanda. She was a tall woman, but Aaron was even taller than her. Her head only reached his chin. "And how do you think John plans to get over what happened earlier?" the man asked condescendingly.

Wanda fell silent for a while. She then said, "Honestly, I don't have a clue..."

Aaron smiled and said, "Well, if you don't want my help, I guess I should get going."

Wanda secretly sighed as Aaron turned his back on her. She badly needed a way out of the mess she found herself in. But she didn't want to owe Aaron any further. She knew that if she allowed him to help her, then their relationship would get closer. Obviously, Aaron and Quincy, the two brothers, did not get along. All she wanted to do was to appease Quincy, her biggest creditor.

Soon enough, Quincy returned to the casino. The manager rushed to him and reported, "There had been an incident with John earlier, but we decided to tread lightly. Your brother also got involved, so our men had to do something to assure his safety."

"Tell No.13 to meet me in my office," Quincy commanded.

"Yes, sir."

Wanda rushed upstairs to meet her employer. Somewhat defensively, she humbly said, "Before you say anything, could you at least let me speak first? I did a terrible job today, and I regret having that incident with John. If only I could, then I would apologize to him personally. I'm really scared for my uncle's safety. Mr. Qin, I could really use your help..."

"Change your clothes and go out with me tonight," Quincy coldly instructed, ignoring her request.

"What? What do you mean?" Wanda was a bit baffled and thought, 'Did he just ignore everything I have said?'

Quincy looked as if he was going to snap. Then he broodingly asked, "Do you want me to repeat what I just said?"

Wanda clenched her fists and swallowed all of the thoughts. She was his employee. She never understood why she was compelled to accompany Quincy after her working hours. But at that point, she was willing to do anything for Quincy. After all, that man was her only protection from John's revenge.

Quincy aptly took the lady to another casino. Wanda was completely oblivious to the fact that the casino they were in belonged to John. The couple did not come across the casino's owner, but Wanda could see that the people there were familiar with Quincy. The staff warmly received them, but Wanda felt conscious when she noticed one staff member watching her closely. Before long, Wanda and Quincy found themselves surrounded by the casino's security personnel.

Quincy then casually said to Wanda, "You've learned everything needed to work in the casino. Show me what you are capable of today here."

The way Wanda saw things, that scene was Quincy's retribution for what John had done earlier that day. 'An eye for an eye,' she thought. After all, John's actions were really disrespectful towards Quincy. "Haven't you known how I worked in the casino last month? Mr. Qin, how about you get out of this place first?"

Quincy, however, merely turned to look at her with cold eyes, implying that he refused to leave. Out of no options, Wanda said, "Okay. What kind of game you want to start with?"

One hour later, one of John's men rushed upstairs to meet his boss. He got close and whispered, "Mr. John, we have a situation downstairs."

"I can see that from here," John said with a sinister smile.

John brooded over what he was watching. In just over an hour, Wanda and Quincy had managed to rack up three million dollars. John's pride was viciously hurt, especially losing from the woman who had disrespected her earlier that day. "What is Quincy trying to do? Is this some sort of showboating? I'll show his cocky ass who he is dealing with... Tell everyone to follow me downstairs!" John roared.

Wanda turned at the sound of the footsteps behind her. She almost revealed her cards out because of how anxious she became. Irritated, Quincy said, "How amateur can you get?" Then as he turned, he saw John with a giant smile on his face. Quincy smiled back and casually said, "Well, John. I assume you are done with today's work?"

"Quincy, I'm afraid I was not notified that you'd be in my casino..." John then turned to Wanda. He scornfully eyed the lady from head to toe. "So, you work for him, huh? No wonder you're so disrespectful..." He felt no need to watch his tone.


"Yes, sir?" Seif took out three bottles of wine and laid them before John. They were the same three bottles John wanted Wanda to drink.

With a sharp look, John sneered, "Quincy, what is the meaning of this?"

"I'm simply here to deliver the wine you bought from my establishment. My man told me that you forgot them because you left in such a hurry. I personally came to deliver them myself. Isn't that a treat? You are right. She works for me in the No.3 Mansion." Quincy then dusted his clothes and stood up. He moved closer to John. With a fake smile, Quincy coldly said, "If you want to have fun at my house, then be my guest. But you must remember that you are not exempted from my rules!"

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