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   Chapter 18 Get Out Of Trouble

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The rude man wore an arrogant look on his face. Wanda, on the other hand, looked pale and out of breath. Seif did his best to ease the tension in the control room. "Mr. Qin..." he called out hesitantly.

"Wow, you people are so full of energy!" someone said as he approached the spot where the accident took place. A familiar figure stepped into the scene, which had given Quincy some sense of relief.

Quincy turned towards Seif and sternly asked, "What is it that you really want to say?"

Seif's expression softened as he said, "I just want to remind you that it's almost time to move, boss."

"Okay, let's go," Quincy commanded.

Back to the casino, Aaron squeezed in from behind the crowd. He picked up the bottles of wine on the floor and rhetorically said, "How did the No. 3 Mansion come down to this? This wine is absolutely inferior. Since when did this place begin to supply such terrible wine?"

"Brat, who the hell are you? Are you blind? Don't you know who I am? Get out of my way!" the young man roared in disrespect.

Aaron turned his attention towards Wanda's direction. The young upstart had kept Wanda fixed against the wall. Wanting to save Wanda, Aaron shoved the young man aside. He then proceeded to wrap the lady around his arms. Soon, the two found themselves surrounded by the upstart's men. Wanda pushed Aaron away and softly said, "Mr. Aaron, thank you, but I can handle this man myself."

In reality, Wanda did not know what to do. But she would rather find her own way out, rather than to look weak in front of the other girls and her boss. Wanda also did not want to drag Aaron further into her problems. She figured that Quincy was being careful in handling the fiasco the young upstart made. She knew Aaron could be facing serious consequences for how he had acted.

Aaron shrugged and smiled as he stepped aside. The upstart then sneered, "Oh, a hero that wants to save this damsel. Too bad the damsel does not want to be saved."

Wanda turned towards the upstart and said, "Sir, will you truly let go of this incident if I finished these bottles of wine?"

"You have my word. What happened today would then be forgiven and forgotten. More importantly, all the money would be yours! So what do you say?"

Wanda weighed the situation with the money in her hands. She was afraid that people would think she was a softie and a sellout; she had to find a way to keep her dignity. In a matter of seconds, she returned the upstart's money and said, "It was clearly my fault. Tell you what, I'll return your money so you can pay for these bottles of wine. I'm afraid your thirty thousand isn't enough to pay for even a single bottle. I'll do what you want and finish the wine, but please pay for them before you leave."

The onlookers then burst into laughter.

Aaron crossed his arms and smirked. He then casually asked the upstart, "Is this your first time here? Thirty thousand dollars isn't really something. Actually, guests here would pay more as these girls' tip for their good services. You can't expect to be treated properly with that kind of money. She is only drinking those bottles to make a statement."

Wanda trembled as she looked at the bottles before her. She knew that amount of alcohol could poison her in the end, but she knew she had to do it. It was the only way she could resolve that whole fiasco. 'Some problems require unique solutions,' she told herself. Aaron could see what was going through her heart simply by looking at her face.

Wanda gritted her teeth and finally decided to drink. 'Go big or go home!' she thought. Right before she could put her lips on the bottle, Aaron pressed her arm and said, "Woman like you should learn to preserve themselves. You don't have to do anything this man commanded you to do."

Then, he confidently turned and walked to the upstart, saying grimly, "You can have your fun on the gamble tables today. But it would be best if you watch your back. You have already ruined everyone's fun. Why do you have to be so rude? Especially to these girls... These girls should be cared

for, not harassed!"

"You son of a bitch! How dare you mock me! Men, teach this old twat a lesson!" the upstart said as he angrily pointed at Aaron.

At that time, Quincy's men finally showed up. In unison, they respectfully greeted, "Mr. Aaron!"

Aaron then smiled and put his hand on Wanda's shoulders. He addressed the young man and said, "Everyone can see right through your act, you know? No one in here is supposed to act wild." After those words, he took Wanda's hand and walked out of that scene. He then talked to Quincy's security guards and said, "Go and tell your boss not to let such lowly people in this establishment. Does he even know how to run a business? The reputation of the No.3 Mansion had been tarnished today."

As Wanda was about to turn around, Aaron stretched out his hand to pull her closer to him. "What is there left to see? What are you thinking, Wanda?"

"What... What do you mean?" Wanda asked. She was utterly confused.

"I have saved you for the second time. Shouldn't you be grateful somehow?"

Wanda sighed and softly said, "I did not need your help back there. They would not dare to harm me, and I know it! Now I look like a coward who can't stand for herself. Besides, I did not want to offend that man. Even Mr. Quincy is careful not to get in that young man's way. How could I even face that man again, huh?"

"I know who that man is. His name is John Yu. Wherever he goes, trouble follows. Actually, he also runs casino business. Maybe he came here today in order to make trouble here. And today, you were the lucky winner of that bastard's wrath," Aaron said calmly. Aaron then smiled and said, "It seems that you really are a troublesome lady. Things would be easier for you if you left this place with me, you know?

I can help you pay back the money you owe Quincy. You would live a comfortable life, and no one would ever dare to pick a fight with you. What do you say? Can you at least think about it?"

The couple heard a noise from behind them. Wanda watched as John Yu and his men were escorted out by the casino's guards. The girl accidentally made eye contact with her offender. John Yu smiled maniacally at her, and that had made Wanda completely uncomfortable.

"Mr. Aaron, I must take care of this myself. You should leave, please," she said in a determined voice as if she had decided what she should do to fix this problem. I think I should face adversities head on, and not escape from them. I appreciate your help today, but I need to handle these situations all by myself. Anyway, thank you, Aaron."

After those words, she turned around and left without hesitation. Looking at her receding figure, Aaron murmured to himself, "You really are one interesting darling!"

Wanda soon found herself outside of Quincy's office. She said to the guard anxiously, "Sir, could you please let me talk to Mr. Qin? I need to talk to him about something important."

"I'm sorry, but he had already left."

"What? He had left already?" Wanda was dumbfounded.

Right as she was about to leave the office, another female escort approached her. The stranger patted Wanda's back. Then, they walked along side. The escort then said, "I bet Mr. Qin had already left, right? So, I heard you received training from Yara herself. Is that true? If so, then how could you act so terribly around our customers? It is true that no one would ever dare harm us in this establishment. But have you ever considered that these men could go after your family?"

What she said indeed made sense. Wanda had thought about this possibility too when that man left the building with a murderous look. She believed that John Yu was a vengeful person and that he might possibly find out she had an uncle. Wanda grew increasingly concerned for her uncle. She was actually hoping that Quincy could solve this problem so that her uncle would remain safe from John Yu.

"What should I do now?" Wanda asked worriedly. She had cold sweats due to her anxiety.

The escort looked at the time and said softly, "Wait for me here. I'll be right back!"

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