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   Chapter 17 A Tricky Situation

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As soon as Quincy left, Wanda felt all the cells in her body seemed to be relaxed. Her exhaustion immediately sunk in. She walked into the restroom and sat on the toilet seat; she did not want to move at all. She had been that tired for so long. She found herself even more tired compared with the time when she received training from Yara.

Right at that time, she heard someone come and mention her name.

"What background Wanda has on earth? Do you really think that she has something to do with Mr. Zhong's accident?"

"I don't think so. Mr. Zhong had always been rich. He used to visit the No.3 Mansion regularly. I don't think Mr. Qin, would cut his own customers off just for a woman like her."

"We can never be so sure, my friends. Anyway, take care of yourself. Try your best not to offend Wanda."

After the two girls left, the restroom returned silent. Wanda scoffed at the theories being thrown around. To her, it would be impossible for Mr. Qin—Wanda's creditor—to offend others in order to do her a favor.

Over the following month, Quincy did not visit the mansion. Somehow, Wanda grew worried that he would one day sneak up on her. But as time passed by, the lady had learned to be truly at ease. Everyone in the No.3 Mansion did not seem to mind Quincy's absence.

After a month of in field experience, Wanda could easily tell which customer would be best for her cause. Over that time span, Charles had also been one of her regular guests.

"Miss Wanda, please bring some wine for me and my friend," Charles gently requested.

As Wanda left the room, Charles' friend checked her out and said, "That is the girl you're talking about, right? Charles, don't say that I didn't remind you. You better act properly in a place like this. Don't give her anything unless she really wants to be with you. That woman is not worth pursuing, especially if you may face Quincy's wrath in the end."

Charles played with the casino chip in his hand and said nothing.

At the point, they heard a scream. The noise came from the corridor. Wanda was confronted by a man who dressed the new money and the wine the lady procured was spilled all over the floor. The young man dragged Wanda closer to him as he said, "I got you now!"

Right as Charles was about to engage the man, his friend said, "Don't do it, Charles. You have no reason o pick up a fight with that person."

Wanda smirked as she pushed the man aside. The girl calmly said, "I'm really sorry, but I'm currently with someone else. I hope you understand, sir. I could fix you with another lady if you want..."

"I'm taking none of that shit. You shall accompany me today! What's the problem? I have money with me!"

"I'm really sorry, sir. But, you see, we have rules here," Wanda patiently elaborated.

"Rules? Fuck rules. I am the boss as long as I pay!" The man proceeded to drag Wanda to a table, feeling the lady up as he did so.

Wanda eventually stopped struggling. She turned to the man and coldly said, "Please have some respect, sir!"

"Have some respect? I beg your pardon? Ha-ha-ha! Bitches like you don't deserve my respect."

As anger accumulated in her heart, Wanda picked up the wine bottle and dumped its content onto the man's head. The crowd was shushed by Wanda's bold gesture. No one had expected that things would develop that way. At that time, Charles walked towards t

hem. His friend failed to stop him from helping Wanda this time.

In the monitor room, Quincy broodingly watched from the casino monitors. Seif stood still beside the cold cruel man. "Shall we do something, sir?" Seif asked hesitantly.

Once he had seen enough ruckus, Quincy lazily said, "Tell the people below to stay put." He wanted to see how Wanda would react in such circumstances.

Back to the casino, Charles stood beside Wanda and said, "Everyone comes here to have fun. Now, why would you do such a disrespectful act? Wanda, I think you should apologize to this gentleman."

Charles then meaningfully winked at Wanda.

The rude man pushed Charles out of his way. He confidently stood in front of Wanda and said, "Lick the wine off of me, then maybe I can consider your forgiveness."

Wanda also smiled and cheekily said, "How? There is no wine left to lick! Sir, this is a place to have fun. This, however, is not a place to harass women. I'm sorry but I think you are a bit confused."

"Get off your high horse, bitch! You girls are just glorified prostitutes." As soon as the young man stopped talking, two uniformed men appeared behind Wanda. They were this rude man's bodyguards. At the sight of them, Wanda grew more seriously. Still, she refused to do as the man said. "I think the wine just wet my pants. Kneel and lick it for me. It's all your fault and you should fix it," the new money said in a disdainful tone to Wanda.

Before Charles could budge in, his friend stopped him and whispered, "Do you know who that man is? Think about it man... Up until this point, Quincy and his men had made no efforts to pacify the situation. That could mean that Quincy is careful around that man. Why would you play the hero now?"

Charles was dragged out of the place by his friend.

The new money turned his head and saw Wanda standing still, tightly biting her lip. He turned to his men and sneered, "This lady is a woman of character. Guys, bring me some wine."

His men immediately did as asked. "Don't you dare call me disrespectful. I've got nothing but respect for Mr. Qin and his establishment," the young man said as he unloaded a lump stack of cash. "Bitch, you can have all this money. All you have to do is to finish these bottles of wine. If you agree to that, then all is forgiven. If you disagree, then I would have to ask you to lick the wine off of my crotch."

Several girls watching the fun behind Wanda began to whisper. "Mr. Qin is currently here. But he didn't do anything to solve this problem. Told you, he would never like women like Wanda."

"You are right. We can't afford to offend any guests here. It's just a bad day for her. If she can't solve this on her own, then Mr. Qin would surely see how weak she is. Without the protection of No.3 Mansion, she will be dead before anyone could actually notice."

Wanda could overhear the conversion the other ladies were having. She knew they were right, and that she needed to handle that rude man herself. But then, she was at a loss.

'Is Quincy here today?' Wanda thought to herself. Quincy was yet to show up. She knew that the man could be testing her reaction. There was no way Wanda would fail his expectations, after all she direly needed the money.

What was more, that was not her first time to have conflicts with the guest. She dared not mess things up this time.

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