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   Chapter 16 Being His Escort

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"Mr. Qin, I'm sorry. Please forgive me," the fat man cried out.

So far, he still had no idea what he had done wrong to piss Quincy off. He didn't fathom why Quincy held such vengeance over him. This fat man was none other than Mr. Zhong who had offended Wanda earlier. He had no time to ask any more questions. All he could do was begging.

"Teach him a lesson, and then hand him over to the police." Quincy turned around and walked out after those words.

Behind him, Mr. Zhong constantly wheezed and whined.

"You shouldn't have yourself involved with Mr. Qin's lady. You will surely regret doing that now," Seif said to Mr. Zhong.

"What? Who is Mr. Qin's lady? I would never get involved with whoever she is, especially if I knew she belonged to Mr. Quincy!" Mr. Zhong retorted.

On the other hand, Quincy originally had something else to deal with in another place, but somehow he found himself inside No.3 Mansion.

Those days, his presence in that place was unusually high.

As Quincy entered the casino, he saw Aaron seat by a gambling table with Wanda in his arms. The lady seemed particularly comfortable with Aaron, especially compared to her other clients.

Quincy slid his hand into his pockets and walked towards the couple. The man smiled as he said, "Hey, my brother, you know what? Wanda is really my lucky star. I won so much money in a short time when she stays with me. There should be around three hundred thousand."

Quincy then turned to Wanda and sternly said, "Come with me. Now."

"For what?" Wanda blurted out as she took a step back and instinctively hid behind Aaron. The lady's wary look made Quincy frown.

Aaron gave all of his chips to Wanda and said, "You really made my day, little kitten. I'll come to meet you in two days."

As soon as Aaron left, Wanda felt spineless. She curled her lips and was ready to stay there, waiting for her next guest.

Quincy reached out for Wanda's hand. However, she tried and failed to shake the man off. Then, she turned at the man and dismissively said, "I've been doing great today, Mr. Qin. I would appreciate it if you did not waste any of my precious time."

The man faintly smiled at her and said, "Why do you panic?" My aunt took you under her wing for a couple of months, remember? It's time to take you for a test. From now on, I am your guest."

"You?" Wanda swallowed hard.

"What? Do you have a problem with that?" Quincy squinted. "May I remind you that I'm not only your creditor, but also your boss. It would be best if you stop doubting me." he snapped and raised his eyebrows.

"No, sir. I do not have a problem with that," Wanda had no choice but to reply meekly. Wanting to feel more comfortable, Wanda smiled miserably and continu8ed, "Mr. Qin, what kind of cards do you want to play today?"

"All of them!"

"All of them?" Wanda subconsciously shouted in surprise. Quincy rubbed his ears. She then softly said, "Mr. Qin, look at all those rich and powerful people here... Do you have any idea how much tip I can make today?"

"I'm used to having such audience. Would you care to look out the door? There, people would kill to work here. I'd rather have useful people around here," Quincy cheekily retorted

"Okay, I get what you're saying!" Wanda pouted.

She then cleared her throat and immediately leaned against Quincy's body. She put all of her weight on the man. "Mr. Qin, how about we go to that table first? You shouldn't have such a grim face on a beautiful day like this. What do you say?" she said seductively.

The corners of Quincy's mouth twitched. He took Wa

nda's hand and then sat down by the table. As people flocked away at them, Quincy said, "No need to worry everyone. Much like you, I'm simply a humble guest of this establishment. Let's enjoy the game."

Wanda frown as she looked at other guests. She felt somewhat conscious about having Quincy with her. She was fully aware of the man's violent tendencies, and she fully understood why people viewed him as a sort of plague. Interestingly, albeit ironic, No.3 Mansion had the best business in the whole South Sea City. It was a common place for successful business people to visit.

It seemed that those people did not care for their money, but truly valued their safety when faced with Quincy.

Somewhat luckily, she only knew two things about the man: that Aaron was his younger brother, and that he owned No.3 Mansion.

"Hey, are you here with me?"

Quincy's voice woke the lady up. Wanda immediately shook her head. She had to reassure herself that she was not too entangled with Quincy.

As her creditor, Quincy held a massive leverage against not only her, but also her closest individuals.

"Is this how you entertain your guests? You are terrible at this."

In a distance, Wanda could hear the other girls whispering to each other. One of the escorts said, "How could Mr. Qin know that woman personally?"

"Do you even know that girl?" said another. "Is it possible that Mr. Qin is a little too fond of that woman?" "Don't worry about that. Mr. Qin will never like that kind of woman. He likes someone like me, curvy and sexy. Look at that woman. She barely has breasts on her. No man would be truly fond of her."

"I don't think so. Maybe he has a special taste." Several women were arguing by that time. One also said, " I heard Mr. Qin say that he wanted to personally check her performance after her training. I heard that she was specially trained by Yara."


That information had begun an uproar.

"There is one more thing, but this is just a rumor. Have you read the news lately? Mr. Zhong, the biggest real estate businessman in South Sea City, had been busted by the police. That man was an avid customer of this establishment. He may be a little too touchy, but he was really generous. Rumors say that the man had sexually almost assaulted a delivery girl two months ago. People say that instance was the reason why Mr. Zhong is currently facing criminal prosecution. He may spend the rest of his life in prison. But here's the twist. People say that Mr. Zhong had been beaten almost to death before he was even under police custody! Who else could do such a thing unnoticed? I'll tell you who—Mr. Qin."

Wanda moved her stiff neck and thought, 'Who is this monster? Two hours in, and he's still not tired? This is absurd!"

"Mr. Qin, I'm sorry. I need to excuse myself and go to the restroom."

"Okay. Let's go together."

"To... Together?" Wanda was startled. Wanda almost bit her tongue. "Well, you can go first if you want. I'll wait here instead..."

"So, you are not in a hurry, right? If so, then I am in a hurry to go to the restroom as well," Quincy said as he deliberately looked below her neck with a smile.

Wanda pulled her collar subconsciously and said, "Hey! What are you looking at, mister? Don't forget our agreement! "

"Don't worry. I'm not interested in a woman whose figure resembles that of a man," Quincy replied with a disgusted look on his face.

"I beg your pardon?" Offended, Wanda pushed her chest out. "Do men have these?" she flaunted.

However, Quincy turned around and left. He couldn't help but smile.

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