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   Chapter 15 She Is Mine

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Aaron inadvertently touched the switch of the monitor, and the screens lit up once again. Looking at the damsel on screen, he raised the corners of his mouth and lazily said, "My kitten is really cute, isn't she? I noticed this when I first saw her. She is mine! Do you understand?"

Quincy turned to look at him and coldly asked, "What on earth do you want?"

"You seem nervous... It's rare for you to be so nervous about a woman. Or are you shaking because of me? It's only natural for me to take interest in whatever you like. We are brothers after all. And just like you, I would do everything I can to keep that girl!" Aaron remarked as he turned his head towards Quincy and smiled. "How about we have a competition to see who gets this kitten first?" he added.

After those words, he stood up and left the room.

Soon enough, Aaron surprisingly appeared on the casino monitor. He turned around, and blinked at the camera before he walked up behind Wanda.

Her customer was young and handsome. He was not only lucky but generous as well. So far, he had won a lot and a tower of chips piled in front of Wanda and him.

Charles Ling was this young man's name. He was the son of a rich boss of a large business group. Perhaps it was because of his good mood since he had turned the tide to their favor, or perhaps it was because of Wanda's sweet voice, he began to act rather offensively towards the girl. At that point, he had his hands on Wanda's waist.

Wanda's face froze and she tried to shake his advances off. However, Charles Ling didn't seem to budge. He felt Wanda's discomfort, but he only turned around and threw a wink at her. As the man got his cards, he even put his arm around her shoulder. His win made him a little more cocky. He confidently slid his hand on Wanda's chest.

Wanda's face was filled with fear. Right that point, Aaron blocked Charles's hand as he pulled Wanda away.

Turning towards Aaron, Charles exclaimed, "She's with me!"

"She is mine!"

Aaron insisted as he looked at the young man with a faint smile.

Wanda hurriedly said, "Mr. Charles, this is my friend. He is just joking with you. Wait for just a minute."

She pulled Aaron aside and anxiously said, "Mr. Aaron, why are you here?" She was totally surprised to see him. Today was her first day working at the casino, and every staff member was keeping an eye on her. Quincy would be noticed once she made any mistake.

She couldn't afford to make a mistake.

Otherwise, the past couple of months of her hellish training would be in vain.

She definitely wouldn't allow Aaron to ruin her first day here.

"Calm down, little kitten. I came to see you. I didn't expect that you would be so... beckoning with this dress!" Aaron's eyes lit up with laughter. Although he was praising her to some degree, it was enough to make Wanda uncomfortable.

The corners of Wanda's mouth twitched slightly as she meekly protested, "My name is Wanda! Can you please stop calling me kitten? It sounds weird to me. My guest is still waiting for me. If you are here for fun, I can call someone else to entertain you."

"I'm here for you only. You belong to me today," Aaron insisted.

Wanda quickly waved her hand and said, "No, this doesn't seem right. This could also ruin my reputation here..."

But her voice lowered when she saw the check in Aaron's hand. Aaron squinted at her and smiled. He said, "Last time when I saw you, you said that you would have to rely on your own work to pay off your debt. I'm simply here to celebrate your success of becoming an escort of the No.3 Mansion.

I'd like to give you your first tip. Two hundred thousand, does that sound good enough? Do you accept?"


"Aren't you afraid of offending that guest of yours?" Aaron teased.

"No I'm not. This is Mr. Quincy's territory. No one should dare to mess with me here," Wanda said firmly.

Aaron laughed at her remarks.

At this time, Charles Ling walked over and disdainfully looked at Wanda, "Wanda, I just won another round. Why don't you come back to me yet? How long do you and your friend have to talk?"

"Well, isn't that good news? I do hope you swing by this place again. But now, I need to take this girl away with me," Aaron responded instead as he pulled Wanda behind him and then looked at Charles Ling with a faint smile. For some reason, his smile made Charles Ling feel queasy. Such a smile had some eeriness to it—cold and gloomy.

While Charles Ling was still dazed, Aaron managed to take Wanda away from the casino.

With a cold look in his eyes, Quincy stared at Wanda through the monitor. As she was being pulled away by Aaron, Wanda was obviously very happy because of the tip she made from Aaron. Still, she looked towards Charles' direction from time to time, fearing that she would offend a potential long-term client because of her sudden leave. After all, it was seemingly impossible for Aaron to come for her daily.

She wanted to leave with Aaron, yet, she wanted to stay to work for Charles Ling as well. Seeing the strong contradiction in her eyes, Quincy felt a little better as he realized that she didn't forget her place even though Aaron came for her.

A tall man had been standing behind Quincy all those times, as if an enigma that watched over his boss. Quincy stood up as he said, "Let's go."

"Yes, sir."

At this time, a fat man half knelt on the ground, blind-folded. He wailed, "Who are you? Don't you know who I am? How dare you kidnap me? Don't you know what I can do to you?"

Quincy's enigmatic henchman took a chair for Quincy and then he sat down. He lit a cigarette, crossed his legs and blew a smoke ring at the fat man.

Suddenly, he stepped forward and took off the fatty's blindfold. The overwhelming glare made the fat man close his eyes.

After the smoke cleared, the fat man learned that Quincy was his captor. He immediately roared, "Oh, it's you? Quincy, you will regret this!"

Due to his anger, the fat man's voice went sharp. Quincy's presence made him more erratic and fearful. Quincy seldom dealt with people by himself. But if he did so, no one could leave his place without being badly injured.

"I have looked after you over the years. We are business partners! Why would you do this to me?" he screamed.

With a crooked finger, Quincy said, "Seif."

Seif was Quincy's henchman's name. Hearing his boss call his name, he immediately knew what his boss wanted him to do. He put a newspaper in front of the fat man. Quincy then sneered, "Your company has disappeared. We are not business partners anymore, my friend."

"What?" The fat man looked at the headline. As it turned out, some secret documents of his real estate company had been leaked, and that had lead people to discover his illegal endeavors such as using the inferior material to build houses and bribing the bid inviting party. That was not the first time his company was engaged in these illegal acts. But time and time again he was able to get out of trouble. However, this time, everything was exposed to the public with solid evidence. The fat man could possibly lose everything and spend the rest of his life broke and in jail.

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