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   Chapter 14 Starting Working In Casino

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Wanda got up early that day.

She had always loved morning by herself. In the past, she needed to maximize every hour of everyday, given that she had several jobs to attend to. Her love for her family had forced her to wake early and sleep late.

Wanda looked at the mirror and smile. She felt proud of how she handled Quincy the day prior.

At that point, Wanda knew that she was safe from all the embarrassment. All she needed to do was to manage the disgusting men she would be meeting. Deep in her heart, she felt happy.

Wanda's face shimmered under the morning sun.

She heard a man's voice right before she stepped out of the door.

"Miss Wanda, Mr. Qin asked me to wait for you. He asked me to accompany you to him as soon as you came out. This way, please!" The man waved his hand and moved aside to make way for Wanda.

He didn't even allow the girl to talk for herself, which made Wanda think of Quincy. 'Even his subordinate behaves the same way as he does!' she thought to herself.

Wanda's wonderful morning was ruined once again. Things did not seem to go better any time sooner.

Wanda obediently did as instructed.

The man led the way, with an expressionless face. He looked indifferent. Wanda opted to stay silent all through the trip.

They left the No.3 Mansion rather quickly. Wanda mindlessly followed the man into the car.

Their destination was where Quincy was now.

The house was well hidden on top of a hill. As they got closer, the crowds grew thinner.

Not long after, they arrived at their destination.

"Please, Miss Wanda," the man calmly said after he pulled over. Wanda looked out of the window. The place really seemed calm and serene. 'Why would Quincy take me to this place?' she wondered. Then, she decided to ask, "Well, please, can you tell me where we are now?" She skeptically stared at the man. "Miss Wanda, Mr. Qin told me to send you here.

He wants you to stay here from now on. I have no right to say anything more. So, please don't ask any more questions! "

The man spoke in the same manner that Quincy did. Once again, the man asked Wanda to step out of the car.

Quite helpless, Wanda opened the door and got out of the car.


The door behind her closed. Then, the car roared away from her.

Wanda was left alone in front of the mansion.

Before she could even turn away, the gates of the mansion slowly opened.

"Miss Wanda, since you are here, why don't you come in?" A hoarse female voice welcomed her into the house.

'Whatever! I do not think I can be in anything worse," Wanda murmured in her heart, encouraging herself.

Then, she gently shook her head as she firmly walked into the house.

The decors inside the house were very simple, but everything was spotless and orderly.

A middle-aged woman sat in the middle of the room. She was fairly good-looking despite her relatively old age. Long curly hair fell over her shoulders. She was exceedingly fascinating, her demeanor showing off the elegance she had in her youth.

The woman scanned Wanda from head to toe with her sharp eyes, as if she could see tight through the girl. Wanda stood there uneasily, careful not to make a single sound.

The woman opened her lips and said, "My name is Yara Qin. You were not the first woman Quincy brought to this place. You only have two months to learn. If you can't manage to be exceptional by that time, then I would have you sent away."

"Yes, ma'am," Wanda said obediently. Yara Qi

n shared the similar facial features as Quincy. They too shared the same last name.

Later, Wanda learned that Yara was Quincy's aunt. That old woman looked over the family's casino.

"Do you know what an escort does in the casino?" Yara Qin asked. Her voice was a little hoarse, but she still drew a hint of charm, and there was also a hint of disdain in her eyes.

Wanda shook her head as she replied, "Honestly, I don't really know it. I only know that if I want to make more money in No.3 Mansion, there is the only one way."

Yara Qin sneered, "You know what? The fastest way to be rich is to find a rich man and become his woman. And that I can help you with."

"I understand. But I would have to pass on that. I just want to make money through moral ways. I will be out of this mess as soon as I pay off the debt I own to Mr. Qin," Wanda replied as she clenched her fists.

Yara Qin just raised her eyebrows and smirked.

Two months after that conversation,

Quincy received a call from Yara Qin. She asked him to pick Wanda up by himself. With a smile, Quincy said, "Only a handful of people were able to hold on for two months in your place.

"She has finally finished her apprenticeship," Yara Qin remarked.

That answer was beyond what Quincy expected.

Yara Qin seldom praised others, and that time was no exception. She didn't say anything good about Wanda, but the result had proved everything Quincy wanted to know. At least, Yara Qin was very satisfied with Wanda's progress.

That day, Wanda would finally be able to handle everything she had learned over the last couple of months. Quincy's subordinate immediately took Wanda back from Yara Qin's house to the No.3 mansion. Quincy did not show up the whole time. He didn't want to involve himself with that errand.

As soon as she entered the casino, Wanda felt that she had come to a completely different world. The casino was a lot bigger than Yara Qin's place, where she had been trained. Wanda stood gracefully in her form-fitting uniform. She looked regal in that dress.

Soon enough, a young man walked towards her. He looked at the girl from head to toe and said, "You. Come with me."

As an escort, Wanda knew how to please her costumers and to gamble properly. Win or lose, for as long as Wanda provided a good time for her host, she would surely make lots of money.

Quincy quietly watched Wanda from the monitor. She had a pair of very charming eyes, but she had good control over her interactions so no one would feel overly flattered. The man whispered in her ear from time to time. Wanda covered her mouth and chuckled. She was pure and sexy, which were not bad traits to have for her trade.

Looking at their intimacy, Quincy could not help but frown. He felt a strange discomfort in his heart that made him a little irritable.

At that point, one of his subordinates came in and whispered, "Mr. Qin, Mr. Aaron is here to see you."

As soon as he finished speaking, Aaron came in and said with a smile, "What's the point of passing on that message?" He then sat casually next to Quincy, who turned off the monitor and turned around to look indifferently at him.

"Why are you here, Aaron?"

Aaron pursed his lips and said, "You took my kitten away. I'm here to see if she's safe. I think you don't mind, do you?" Without waiting for any response from Quincy, Aaron continued, "I haven't been home for a long time. If I want to come back, I won't need your permission, right?"

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