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   Chapter 13 Go Back With Him

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Quincy simply glanced at Aaron coldly.

Amidst Aaron's protection, Wanda could still feel Quincy's coldness. Her body trembled uncontrollably.

Knowing how intimidating Quincy was, Aaron reached out and held Wanda in his arms. The man looked provokingly at Quincy and asked, "Five million, ten million, or one hundred million?"

Aaron and Wanda were leaning against each other. Quincy hated how well they looked together.

"Are you coming with me or not?" Quincy said to Wanda. Quincy's cold voice filled the room.

Wanda trembled slightly and began to break away from Aaron's protection.

Aaron raised her chin with two fingers and charmingly said, "Little kitten, don't be afraid. I can help you for free. I won't ever do anything to hurt you."

Wanda was stunned by Aaron's sincerity.

'He can help me? That's so nice of him.

If he could help me, then I can leave Quincy forever!' Wanda wondered in her heart.

On the other hand, Quincy frowned and his eyes darkened, almost like a demon.

"Okay. I see what's happening here," he said indifferently. His words felt cold and heavy for Aaron and Wanda.

The cold man turned around and walked out. He was soon followed by his subordinates.

"Wait!" Wanda abruptly blurted out. Hearing her words, Quincy stopped and turned to look at her.

Wanda took a couple of deep breaths. She was so scared that even her own voice startled her.

She slowly let go of Aaron's arms as she glanced at Quincy. Wanda couldn't help but stare at the ground. She knew that Quincy was a man she could not trust. There must be a reason why he simply allowed Aaron to go on with his act.

No one knew revenge better than Quincy. Beneath his silence were dangers that could potentially harm both Wanda and Aaron.

Aaron had always been kind towards Wanda. But she did not want to accept his help for free. So, she decided to leave with Quincy. Though working in that disgusting place was painful, she could earn money and clear her debt.

After walking to Quincy's side, she turned around, bowed towards Aaron and said, "Thank you for taking me in, sir. But Mr. Qin and I have prior arrangements. So I'll leave now."

Aaron was evidently stunned to hear that. He had no idea why Wanda would rather go with Quincy after he had made such a good offer to her.

Wanda then turned to Quincy and said, "You are a man of your word, aren't you? We have already established the terms of our relationship, and yet you can't seem to uphold them. Could you care to tell me why Mr. Zhong acted the way he did? He wouldn't dare lay a finger on me without your permission after all. So, I broke his head when he tried to offend me. You can blame me for that. If I go back with you, then you must promise not to allow that Mr. Zhong to take me out with him!" Wanda demanded.

Quincy simply turned around and walked out. Wanda was stunned. She was not certain if Quincy had acknowledged her demand. 'Did he agree or not?' she thought worriedly.

Aaron smiled and said, "Do you really expect him to keep his promise?"

"No, I don't. I just don't want you two to have a beef because of me. Also I don't want my uncle to be in danger." After saying those words, Wanda followed Quincy decidedly.

Looking at her back, Aaron couldn't help smiling. She was truly an exceptional woman.

"Get in the car,"

Quincy s

aid as he opened the door of the car.

His cold look made Wanda hesitant once more. Still, she sat beside the cold man as she closed the car door.

Seeing the same look Quincy wore, the driver started the car immediately.

Wanda had a feeling that she made the wrong decision. Maybe it was because of Quincy's sinister aura.

Her heart was beyond distraught.

She curled up against the door. Seeing the girl's reaction, Quincy frowned and demanded, "Sit closer!"

Wanda was petrified. Confused, the girl stared intently at Quincy.

Quincy kept silent throughout the ride. The dense light on the horizon only meant one thing—they had already left the villa in the West Mountain. The city brought Wanda back to reality. Once again, she had returned to her usual life.

Quincy was still quite up to that point. He immediately went inside the No.3 Mansion as soon as he dismounted from the car. Gritting her teeth, Wanda rushed towards the man and said, "You still haven't agreed to my terms. Also, we have already agreed that I only work here as a waitress to pay for my debt. You can't force me to things I don't want to!"

Quincy simply laughed at Wanda's stubborn determination. He casually looked at the girl as he tucked her hair behind her ear. "You must enjoy being a kitten to others. Is that it, Wanda?" Quincy probed. Hearing Aaron call Wanda "little kitten" made Quincy uncomfortable. Worse, Wanda seemed to act shyly around his brother. That too did not sit well with Quincy.

"Quincy!" Wanda called the man aloud out of anger. She arrogantly said, "If I die, then you can kiss your money goodbye!" Wanda was certain that she would die under Mr. Zhong's watch. She would rather be with Quincy than lose her life.

However, she didn't think her life was worth five million to Quincy—it could be more, it could be less. But this was the only excuse she could think of to threaten Quincy not to send her to Mr. Zhong.

"Get straight to the point, Wanda..." the man said indifferently.

"I think you'd rather have me alive, Mr. Qin. Also, I need a more profitable job," the girl said confidently. "I want to work as an escort in your casino!"

Intrigued, Quincy raised his eyebrows. She wouldn't accept the wine delivery, but she could bare being an escort. He smiled and said, "Do you know what escorts really do?"

"I know!" Wanda's face went pale. 'At least I won't be stuck in this place any longer,' she told herself. She also knew how lucrative that job really was.

Most importantly, she knew that Quincy would be in total control. No one really dared to go against that man's word in the casino. As an escort, Wanda would also have more control over her actions. She would only need to accord her actions towards her desired earnings.

With only a few regular clients, she would surely be able to pay her debts easily.

Quincy looked at Wanda's clear eyes.

"If you don't promise to abide by the rules we have set, then I would have to beat him to death next time he abuses me. At that point, I won't even care if you kill me," Wanda swore.

"Well, that's interesting. Well then, deal. Someone will fetch you for training tomorrow." Quincy then raised his eyebrows and looked at Wanda. A few moments later, he left. The girl then put her arms down. Wanda held her breath until Quincy was far from her vicinity.

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