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   Chapter 11 The Dense Forest

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Hearing this, Quincy squinted and cast a cold glance towards the staff member. The henchman bowed before his boss.

Quincy looked ice cold. Despite the subordinate's exceptional physique, he still felt the coldness to his core.

"I beg your pardon?" Quincy's sarcasm was intimidating.

Suddenly, the staff member began to tremble involuntarily. "Mr... Mr. Qin, we have searched everywhere, but were unable to find her. It... It is possible that she managed to avoid us... "

"Avoid us, huh? "And whose fault could that be?" Quincy blatantly interrupted his subordinate.

"Wanda had always been decidedly obediently whenever we watched over her. We were surprised to not see her around. According to the people here, she might be out with other customers, but no one had seen her go out." The man tried to pass the blame unto Wanda.

He needed to give his boss answers, not unless he wanted to die that day.

"You mean to say she's out with other men?"

Quincy's expression darkened. He was not ready to hear that news.

This was just incredible! As a sophisticated man, he knew what kind of person Wanda was.

She was not one to prioritize morals over making money.

Quincy also knew how stubborn and insistent she was. No one could coerce that woman into a situation she did not want. So, he didn't believe the staff member's story about Wanda going out with other men. 'What happened to her on earth?' Quincy thought to himself.

The story that Wanda going out with other men made Quincy feel uneasy.

"Who said that she would go out with other men? Go to her manager, now!

Bring him to me," Quincy said with a faint smile. Despite the smile, there was anger hidden in his eyes. "Yes, sir!" the man said as he began to trot away. Two big expressionless men followed behind him. "Ah, Mr. Qin!

What can I do for you?" In front of Quincy was the manager with a face full of flattery.

"Where is the woman I brought here?" Quincy asked briefly.

The manager confusedly looked at Quincy and said, "She should be downstairs. Did she displease you again? I'll teach her a lesson right now!"

"You have five minutes to bring her here. If she's not here by then, I'll have you thrown off the building. Is that clear?"

With a snap, his henchmen quickly moved out of the room.

"Okay, okay, I'll go and find her right away."

One of the henchmen followed the manager closely. They moved swiftly. Suddenly the manager asked, "Is it true that Wanda owes Mr. Qin five million dollars? The nerve of that woman!"

Quincy's crew did not say anything in response.

"What happened?" the manager asked. At this time, he finally realized that his boss behaved weirdly just now.

The subordinate pointed at the balcony and said, "I'll tell you when we get there..."

"We'll take that Wanda to Mr. Qin. Just wait a minute fellas! Let me make a few phone calls."

The man allowed the manager to make his calls. They then proceeded to the balcony for some air. Right after the manager lit up a cigarette, he was pushed off of the balcony.

The man dusted his hands off and said, "You asked too many questions about Mr. Qin."

Soon after, Quincy learned what happened to Wanda. He knew the real estate agent that his people identified as the suspect.

He was notorious around the No.3 Mansion. He often invited girls over

, but no one usually took a second go. That real estate agent is a psychopath.

'How could Wanda wind up with that guy?' Quincy thought worriedly.

Somehow, the situation piqued his interest. 'I wonder where her courage to hit that man comes from,' he amusedly thought to himself.

Once again, he grew fixated about Wanda. She was the most interesting woman he had ever met.

Wanda, on the other hand, had no idea where she was. Her first instinct was to run forward desperately. Her body felt sore and bruised, as if she had fallen down a flight of stairs.

She knew what kind of person Quincy was. What was more, that Mr. Zhong was still back in the No.3 Building. There was no way that her fate would be better if she was captured back.

Not long after, she saw a sign that said 'West Mountain '. She braced herself and rushed towards the forest. Light was scarce due to how lush the trees were. Once, everything around her turned dark, and Wanda began to feel more at ease.

She found a moonlit space where she could rest against a tree. Wanda found herself enveloped in the beauty of the forest. The night was cold. The wind made the leaves and branches dance to its will. The lady heard a strange rustle. In a jiffy, she stood behind the tree.

Her mind was filled with thoughts of beasts that could be prowling onto her. As she looked behind, Wanda saw nothing but the vast darkness of the woods. She was petrified.

'I'm done for. What the hell should I do? Could there really be a beast in my vicinity?'

Wanda held herself tightly as an ominous breeze passed by. She stared nervously unto the dark of the night.

After all, she was only human. Naturally, her strong-willed heart was turned fear-stricken.

The forest's gloom suddenly sunk unto Wanda. And in an instant, her concern shifted from beasts to spiritual entities. Her goose bump covered body as she shivered uncontrollably.

Then suddenly, a black shadow appeared in front of her. She almost passed out because of panic. She couldn't help but scream. Wanda tightly covered her mouth so that no sound would escape from her. The black shadow then jumped up and down. Soon enough, it disappeared from Wanda's sight.

At that point, Wanda felt she was completely seized by fear.

She had gone through such a hard time. She wouldn't allow herself to be defeated like that. She had finally escaped from Quincy's grip and the future seemed brighter than before. She encouraged her fear-stricken heart.

Wanda looked up. She wanted to watch the night sky from where she stood. Unfortunately, the dense leaves of the forest blocked her view. She had no idea where she was and where to go next.

At a certain point, Wanda decided to leave the woods. She could not bear to sit idly and simply wait for her fate to come.

She then decided to randomly take a direction, hoping to eventually find her way out.

She was barefoot along the way. Wanda could feel how painful and tired her body was. She then looked at the lush dark forest behind her.

Wanda felt a bit depressed.

She took a deep breath as she clenched her fists.

'Dad, mom, please guide me out of this place. I don't want to stay here any longer.'

She continued to firmly walk through the dense forest in the dark of the night.

Eventually, Wanda saw a faint light in the distance.

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