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   Chapter 9 Plan To Escape

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However, although Wanda knew that she had only one way to escape, a new difficulty was soon placed in front of her.

How can I escape?

There were a lot of bodyguards in No.3 Mansion, and they must have been specially asked to pay more attention on her by Quincy. If she ran away in such a hurry, she would have been taken back before she went down two floors.

Wanda ran to the bathroom first, washed her face with cold water and removed the heavy makeup, which also helped her more or less relieve the tension of running away.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Drops of water were still dripping from the messy hair on her forehead, making the person in the mirror look a little dejected and embarrassed.

With one hand supporting the mirror in front of her, Wanda leaned against the wash basin and cursed in a low voice, "Damn it..."

She didn't think herself a good person in her life, but she had never done anything bad. Why couldn't she live a normal life?

Why did she have to live in fear even though she did nothing wrong?

Why could those people point her at will? Why did someone always want to take control of her life?

There was no answer. Fate had never given an answer to a person like her.

Thousands of unwillingness hovered in her heart, which annoyed her. Wanda clenched her fists and was about to smash them into the mirror in front of her, so that the pain could make her head a little sober.

However, before her fists reached the mirror, she had already seen something behind her from the reflection of the mirror.

It was a cleaning trolley which was parked in an empty place of the bathroom.

Wanda's eyes flashed.

While the cleaning lady was still busy in the cubicle of the bathroom, she tiptoed to the side and estimated it.

She was small in size. If she bent her body carefully and shrank a little, she could hide her whole body in the car basket. Although it was a little hard, as long as she could escape from this damned place, it was not a big deal to suffer a little.

Suddenly, an idea occurred to her. She was about to step into the car basket when she heard a soft voice behind her, "ah, girl, what are you doing? Go somewhere else. Don't interfere with my work!"

It seemed that she was the maid who was in charge of cleaning the car.

Wanda had been prepared for this. Now she had to took back her foot, and then she finally took out more than one thousand dollars from herself, which was the tip she got when she served just now.

Seeing that there were only the two of them in the bathroom, Wanda put the stack of red bills into the cleaning lady's hand, without any pity. She just stared at the cleaner in front of her and said, "aunt, take these. I want you to do me a favor."

The cleaner saw that although the girl in front of her wore the uniform here, her eyes were clear, as if she was not influenced by the intoxicating atmosphere here at all. She understood what was happening. But in the principle of not making trouble, she only frowned and waved her hand. "No, no, miss, I'm just cleaning here. I can't help anything. Take the money back. I didn't say anything, nor did I see anything. If you need help, you'd better fi

nd someone else. I can't. I can't."

"You must take it."

Wanda didn't want to get involved with an innocent person, but now she was forced into such a situation, and she couldn't think it too much. She had to force the money into the cleaner's hand and said, "don't worry. It's not a very serious matter. I didn't ask you to go up the mountain and down the sea of fire. I just want you to put me in the cleaning car and just push it out. That's all."

She tried to speak in a relaxed tone, but the cleaner in front of her had been working in No.3 Mansion for a period of time. Now hearing Wanda's request, the cleaner's face couldn't help turning pale and she waved her hand more frequently. "Ah, isn't it serious? If our boss knows that..."

Wanda knew that the "boss" she referred to was Quincy. Although the security guards had been informed to pay attention to her, they wouldn't have informed the cleaning lady. So Wanda calmed herself down and said, "what are you worried about? Why does a man like the boss care about me, an ordinary waitress?"

Although the cleaner was still waving her hand, her face showed a little hesitant. Wanda took a deep breath and then said seriously, "if anything really happens, I will take all the blame and won't rat you out. You must trust me."

She said firmly, staring straight at the cleaner in front of her with her dark and pure eyes. It was obvious that she had the determination and stubbornness to not let go if the cleaner refused.

She didn't have time now. If the news that she had just made a mistake spread out, the people outside would definitely dig into the ground three feet deep to look for her. The bathroom was not a safe place and people could come in at any time. Now she could only seize this only opportunity to find a way out for herself.

Even she didn't know how long she could live.

The cleaner couldn't get through her, probably because she was worried that there were too many people here. And she had been with her for a long time. If she was seen by others, she would be guilty for what she had done in this room. So she could only sigh and hide the stack of red notes under her own clothes in a hurry. Then she asked carefully, "Miss, as you said, as long as I push you out, that's all. Right? I don't need to say or do anything else?"

Since that they had come to this point, the discussion was almost over. Wanda breathed a sigh of relief, turned to look at her and nodded hard. She lowered her voice and said, "yes, as long as I get out of here, I have an idea about what to do next. Don't worry. It will only take no more than twenty minutes. There will be no problem. "

Wanda said this not only to the cleaner, but also to comfort herself.

Her current fate was within the next twenty minutes. And she had no better choice but to pray in her heart.

The cleaner looked around carefully for a long time. Finally, she waved her hand helplessly with a bitter face and finally agreed. "Okay, okay. I just saw that you are as old as my daughter, and you have a good-looking face like a child from a decent family. You shouldn't have stayed here. That's why I agreed. If... if something happened. Don't rat me out!'

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